I hope it's gonna make you notice (8)<3



8. Hurry!

It was finally the day. The day of the championships! I jumped out of my duvet excitedly, almost waking Liam up who was silently laid next to me asleep, and threw the closest stuffed bear towards Evie. She groaned and pulled the covers back over her head ignorantly.
'Evie, wake up now, we have to go!' I shouted, pulling on a jacket over my shoulders and my Uggs onto my feet.
'It's 6am!' She retorted.
'Exactly, wake up, or you get this water over your head!'
Threatened, she immediately jumped up and got ready, exactly the same as i was.
We left the lads in bed and left a message on they're phones reminding them of the times to be there and stuff. They were so forgetful so it was clear they wouldn't remember.

'Were late! Wake up! Chop chop, it's half six, i can drive fast, lets go!' Louis was shouting at the top of his lungs while frantically rushing around and fumbling in draws for things.
'Louis, calm down, it's fine!' I laughed a little, sipping some tea that he had left on the side in his special Yorkshire Tea mug.
'Lets go then! Chelsea's waiting in the car!' he said quickly, throwing my bag at me and pushing me to the black land rover that was parked on my drive. This was going to be a fun 2 hour drive. Acknowledge the sarcasm there please... Thanks.

I'm majorly tired. The theatre last night was fun with Harry and his mum and sister, and even having just 7 hours sleep i'm excited for today.
'Excited?' Harry smiled at the side of me, those emerald green eyes shining in the sun.
'Obviously!' I giggled.
How could he act this much like my boyfriend, yet only be my best friend?! It doesn't make sense! Then again, it is Harold were talking about... Urg.
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