I hope it's gonna make you notice (8)<3



12. Happy endingss...:D



Nandos was fun, but I came out smiling like I’d just won the lottery, except this feeling was better. Even if we didn’t win today, I would still be as happy as ever! I can’t really explain why, I guess you’ll find out soon?

‘Girls, results for third, second and first, you missed the rest, we came in the top three! Hurry up!’ coach shouted as we came through the door laughing. The team was waiting for us at the side lines as we already had an order we were to go in, us being first. Lou gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, and Paige and Chelsea both exchanged a confused look. Wow, this was going to be hard to explain.

We all got onto the stage, and the five of us knelt down at the front, the others behind us in lines. On the left of us was ‘The Rabbits’ and to the right were ‘Greencross’. First of all, how are rabbits scary, and second, most cheer groups are named after animals, it’s a tradition, for us anyway! I’ve noticed that the squad with animal name usually win, excluding All Stars.

‘Where’s Niall’s sisters group? I thought they were meant to be amazing!?’ Paige whispered at the side of Chelsea to me and her. Chelsea just shrugged and we all linked hands as the announcer started talking.

‘Everyone’s done a fantastic job today and there no doubting everyone is proud of you all, but here we have our top three competitors. The Badgers…’ he started, a small cheer following from the crowd.

‘Green cross’ the audience stayed almost so silent that you could hear a pin drop.

‘And the Roosters.’ Surprisingly, everyone cheered really loudly for us. I’m not going to lie; I think we’ve got this in the bag!

‘Okay, in third place, winning £500 cash money and this third place trophy, is…,’ there was a pause before he continued, ‘Green Cross!!!’ they all shouted and screamed at the side of us and went to collect they’re prizes proudly. The man quickly moved on as the contest had already over run.

‘In second place, receiving £1000 cash and this second place trophy, is…’ another pause, ‘The Rabbits!!’

I instantly smiled knowing we’d come in first and watched the second placers collect they’re prize too.

‘That means, in first place with a huge prize of £2000 prize money and a whopping big trophy, it THE ROOSTERS!!!’ everyone cheered loudly and we all jumped up and down like springs! The boys, including Niall ran over to us and span us all round in they’re arms.



‘You did it!’ Niall screamed, hugging me tightly again.

‘I know!’ I replied, even louder.

We embraced the hug and I released first. As I looked over Nialls shoulder, I caught a glimpse of Paige and Harry, and Maria and Louis. After 6 years of silent crushing, they’d finally made they’re move. Harry’s lips were pressed against Paiges, as were Louis’, aww!!

Niall seemed to have noticed too, and turned to face me. We looked into each other’s eyes for a moment, and before I knew it, I had Niall Horan, the Irish dream, kissing me passionately. I t was perfect! 

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