I hope it's gonna make you notice (8)<3



14. Back to school

'Omg guys! Congrats!' 'Well Done!' 'We knew you'd win!'
Loads of compliments came through from everyone as myself, Paige, Eimer, Maria and Evie strolled in. Paige and Harry were walking hand in hand ahead of us, being all cute now. I feel alone. I really dislike this. Evie and Zayn were walking next to each other talking about the weekends events, and Maria and Louis had already headed off to put some of their bags in a locker together. I was walking with Eimer and Liam who were also being cute, smiling and thanking at anyone who congratulated us.
The 7 of us walked in the form, meeting Louis, Maria, and Niall the- WAIT, WHAT?! NIALL?
'Niall!?' I gasped.
'In the flesh' he chuckled, jumping up to give me a hug. Everyone else welcomed him, then left me to talk with him.
'What are you doing here?' i grinned massively.
'I got a transfer, I can't tell you how much i've missed you since nationals, and well done for collecting that first place trophy!' he explained.
'It's only been two days' i laughed, pulling out my daily planner and opening it to the week of the 1st. 12 more days more days until prom, oh my god
'Morning class' Miss skipped in, a pile of books in her grasp. I ended my game of slaps with Louis and took my seat, alone at the back.
'Miss, i'm not sure on where to sit? I'm new' Niall stuttered, lifting his hand.
'Okay, you can go sit next to Chelsea...?' she smiled, searching his face for a name.
'Niall, Niall Horan' he replied, and dumped his bag in the seat next to me. RESULT.
'Funny seeing you here' i joked. He laughed and sat quietly next to me.

I walked out of school with Harry, Liam and Paige after a tiring day of boring lessons.
'Chelsea!' someone called after me.
I spun around to see Niall jogging along towards me.
'What are you doing?' i smiled warmly.
'Walking home with you, i walk this way' he laughed, pointing down the road in the direction Harry and Paige had already gone with Liam. This was going to be good walking home.

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