I hope it's gonna make you notice (8)<3



3. All alone

'The next day i was woken by Paige's mums car horn at regular time, 8am. Quickly, i threw on my practice shorts and shirt, and brushed my teeth and hair. I never wore make up to go as it took up time.
My bag was already sorted, so i grabbed it and walked out of the door while tying up my hair roughly.
'8am is way to early' i groaned, jumping into the car.
'I agree. But we said we'd go an hour early to set up and stretch. We can only blame ourselves' she laughed.
'True' i nodded.
When we arrived at our gym, i checked the calendar like i did every morning. Coach hadn't crossed off yesterday yet, so i took the liberty of doing it for her. There was just one day left until the competition, and we were no where near the standard we should be! We had then just two more weeks until our school Prom. Wow.
Prom was going to be fun. I hadn't planned on going with anyone to be fair, me, the girls and the lads were just going to go as one big group, but i have a feeling that'll change. Liam and Eimer will obviously go together, as will Zayn and Evie, since their couples. Louis will probably ask Maria and Harry might ask Paige, depending if she's told him about the 4 year crush she's had on him...
'Girls, hi!' a loud cheerful voice interrupted my thoughts.
'Hi coach' i yawned, setting my bag down and swapping my converse for cheer shoes.
We put the mats out as normal and practiced our flicks and summersaults on the trampoline, waiting for all the others to arrive. Maria and Evie arrived soon, and everyone else after, Eimer walking through the door at 9.05.
'Your late' coach tutted.
Eimer was basically a mess right now, her hair was everywhere, her bow was crooked and she had huge bags under her eyes.
'What happened to you!?' i hissed when she came over to stretch with us.
'Liam was sick all night so i offered to stay up with him and take care of him' she whispered.
'Aw, you can both stay at mine tonight with me and Zayn, so can Liam' Evie offered, Eimer nodded in return.
'Well Louis staying at mine tonight as my mum wanted someone with me for some reason and he offered, Chelsea? You coming too?' Maria furrowed her eyebrows.
'Sure!' i laughed. She smiled and nodded, just as Paige ran in with the papers coach had asked her to collect.
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