Gotta Be You

It's about a girl(Evelynn) and her best friend who got to her families house for the summer and they meet 5 boys who they never thought they would meet before. What is Evelynn gonna do when she can't decide between her boyfriend of two years and one of the band members... Read to find out.


2. Chapter Two


(A/N Evelynn is pronounced Ev-a-lynn) Eve's POV: When we get into Nando's we both order seprately. I go find a booth in the corner while Tatum goes to the bathroom. When she gets back we sit there and eat our food. After we were done we got back in the car and started driving untill we got to my dad's 25 minutes later: Once we pulled into my dad's driveway. They all walk outside to greet me and Tatum. I first inrtoduce Tatum to my Step Mom Chloe and my little brother Venn. (He is like two) Then they all ambushed me with hugs that I didn't want.  Tatum's POV: When we go to Eve's dad's house it was huge my mouth literally dropped when I saw it. You can tell he has some money. Chloe she looks to be like 28 when Eve's dad is like 40. It's gross. But Venn is so cute and I don't know how with his parents. Oh well! When we went inside me and Eve got rooms right next to each other. I got the guest room while she got her's. They were both huge and amazing. After we got all settled in we went to explore the house since she's never been here before either. They have a bowling alley, movie room, a game room, a computer room, and the other house esentials. Every bedroom has a bathroom even Venn's.  Eve's POV: The house is even bigger in the inside then the outside. My room is amazing and they designed it how I would have. It's amazing and so it my bathroom. I may not like Chloe but she does have good designing skills. When we walked through there was so many different rooms. My favorite besides my bedroom was the basement it was perfectly designed for me and my friends to hang out in. Tatum and I decided to go sit in the game room and play the Xbox. (I'm a big Xbox fan) Then we heard our names being called and Chloe told us it was dinner time. Dinner was amazing... my dad kept the same chef from when I was a kid. Afterwards me and Tatum had a Twilight Saga movie marathon. "We have had a long day maybe we should go to bed if were gonna go explore and go shopping tomorrow. " I said to Tatum. But I already heard her snoring and I just left her on the couch and put a blanket over her. I then went upstairs and took  a shower and went to sleep.
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