Gotta Be You

It's about a girl(Evelynn) and her best friend who got to her families house for the summer and they meet 5 boys who they never thought they would meet before. What is Evelynn gonna do when she can't decide between her boyfriend of two years and one of the band members... Read to find out.


3. Chapter Three


Eve's POV: The next morning I got up and decided I would go downstairs and get something to eat and then go back upstairs and change. When I got down there Chloe was already there to meet me. I got a cup out of the cupboard and poured myself a cup of coffee. I then sat down when Chloe started to talk. She was talking about some band that she did their hair and makeup for. When I learned they were my age I started to pay attention. She also said they were coming over today because she wanted them to meet me for some odd reason. So she yelled at me to go get Tatum up and get ready for the day like I would actually go out in public in sooo.... YAY let's get this over with. I wasn't very excited to meet the so called band. Chloe is doing there makeup and hair so they can't be that big or even cute for that matter.  I walked into Tatum's room and started yelling at her to get up and get ready. When I knew she wasn't going to go back to sleep. I walked into my own room and started to get ready. I put on pink and navy blue floral skirt, with a white tank top under, I then but on a pair of pink flats. I brushed my curly hair, put some makeup, and headed downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed myself another cup of coffee. When I walked into the kitchen I almost ran into Tatum. She was wearing her black and red One Direction tank, red shorts, black sparkly TOMS, and hair was in a side braid. "Girls come in here!" Chloe shouted.   
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