Gotta Be You

It's about a girl(Evelynn) and her best friend who got to her families house for the summer and they meet 5 boys who they never thought they would meet before. What is Evelynn gonna do when she can't decide between her boyfriend of two years and one of the band members... Read to find out.


10. Chapter Ten


   Eve's POV: After Zach left Harry came running over to me. "Evelynn are you okay?" He sounded worried. "I'm fine... I just need to go change, because I'm not going anywhere today and I wan't to be comfortable. "We could stay down here and watch movies." he said. "As long as we can watch 50 First Dates." I say.  "Alright." he was smiling. "I'll be back." "I'll miss you." I blush then head up stairs. When I got up there I put on my PINK black yoga shorts with the pink and black zebra print then it says PINK in silver sparkles, for my shirt I put on my pink spaghetti strapped tee. I then put my long brown hair in a messy bun. When I got downstairs I popped some popcorn and grabbed my phone. I went over to the stairs to the basement and realized we had nothing to drink. So I shout down the stairs "Harry, what do you want to drink?" "Water is fine thanks." I walk back to the fridge and grab two waters and go down the stairs. Once he sees how much stuff I had in my hands he came rushing towards me and grabbed the popcorn and his water. He set it all on the coffee table and then sat on the couch. I go over to the huge book shelf of movies we have and choose a random one. It turns out to be A Walk to Remember. After I put the movie in I go and cuddle into Harry's chest and he put his arms around me and kissed the top of my head. By the end of the movie I was crying and Harry just held me tighter and wiped away my tears. Just then Harry's phone started vibrating.       Harry's POV: At the end of the movie Eve was crying so I just held her tighter and kissed her head. I loved this girl. When all of a sudden I got a text from Louis.   Louis: What's Up Hazza?!?   Harry: Nothing much Boo Bear just sitting here with the most amazing and beautiful girl ever.   Louis: Your with Eleanor?   Harry: No... I'm with Eve:)   Louis: I'm with the guys, El and Dani!:P   Harry: Oh what you guys doing?   Eve then leans over being nosey and asks "Who are you texting?" "Lou" "Oh what's he up to?" "He's with the guys, El, and Dani." Then he replies.   Louis: We're gonna go grab a bite to eat and then the girls were gonna go shopping... you guys wanna tag along?   Harry: One min...   "Louis wants to know if we want to go out to eat and then you go shopping with the girls." "Sure I could go for some fun." "I'll tell him will be ready in a half hour okay, Love?" "Ya, I'll go change."     Eve's POV: I go upstairs and change. I can't put my yellow sundress on again thanks to Zach so I decide on a pair of bright blue shorts, a white spaghetti straped tank, with a grey floral lace wider strapped tank top over it. For shoes I put on my grey toms. As for my hair I just brushed it, I ended up wiping all my makeup off and redoing it. After I'm done brushing my teeth I go downstairs and see Harry sitting there waiting for me. He wuickly stands up and walks over to me. He pulls me into him and whispers in my ear "Hey beautiful." I giggle. He looks into my eyes for awhile and then kisses me and I of course kiss back. Before we pulled away he took a picture. I rolled my eyes at him. "What?" he asked. "We're not even dating and your taking pictures of us kissing?" "Will you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?" "Yes." I said jumping into his arms and kissing him.     "Let's go we're meeting them at Nando's in ten minutes." Harry finally sayed before we left I wrote a note to Tatum just in case she decides she wants to get out of bed. Like a gentleman Harry opened the door to his car for me and I thanked him with a kiss on the cheek. Before we left my driveway he gave me a peck on the lips. Then we headed towards Nando's. While we were listening to the radio One Thing came on the radio and Harry was singing the whole song. Every time he sang you've got that one thing he always glanced at me and I would blush. When we got to Nando's everyone was already there and there also was a huge crowd inside and out.  Hopefully Paul is with them otherwise we aren't going to get much privacy. We finally got into Nando's ordered our food and went and sat with the others. Eleanor and Danielle looked beautiful as always. Eleanor was wearing a white tank, olive colored skinny jeans, and white flats. Danielle was wearing a black crop top, bright orange shorts, and a pair of black sandals. Harry introduced me to them since we were going to be going shopping later we will be getting to know each other more.     "Niall slow down your going to choke on your food." Liam said. "I'm hungry!" Niall said in a funny voice which made everyone start laughing. "Niall I think you have enough food for the whole table to eat." I state. "You can't have any." he replied. "Good thing I didn't want any because I'm full." Under the table Harry reached for my hand and I reached for his and we sat like the rest of the time we were at Nando's.     When we were all done eating we said goodbye to our boyfriends so we could go shopping. When we got to Eleanor's car they both turned to me and asked "So are you and Harry official yet?" I couldn't help but blush and shake my head yes. "Awe." they said in unison. We then headed towards the mall. On the way there we were singing along to the radio when all of a sudden my phone went off it was a message from twitter. It was the picture of me and Harry kissing and the caption was "I love my new girlfriend Eve!:) @Eve_Jones" I saved the picture to my Iphone and made it my wallpaper.      When we finally arrived at the mall we went to Hollister Co. first. I ended up getting a neon blue and pink pair of shorts, a denim pair, two pairs of sweatpants, a lace tee, and a brown leather thin braided belt. Then we went to Forever21 there I got a flowy grey tank with a yellow smiley and neon indian feathers, I also got a pair of dark ripped skinny jeans, a pair of leather sandals, a few feather earrings, some necklaces and bracelets. Next stop is Maurice's I got a striped tank top, a couple pair of denim shorts, a few sundresses, and two pairs of sandles.  After that we ended up going back to Louis's apartment. All the guys were already there. When we walked through the door all of their heads shot towards us. They all had a smile along with the boys Perrie was there too. I walked over to them and sit infront of Harry on the floor, El sat on Louis's lap, and Dani sat on Liam's. Harry then leaned his head down and whispered in my ear "Why aren't you sitting on my lap?" "I don't know." "Well come on." I get up and sit on his lap. "Happy, now?" I ask. "Nope." I turn and look at him "And why not?" "You didn't kiss me." he said with a sad face. I pulled him in for a long passionate kiss. "There?" "Nope" Then we kissed again. "How could you Harry!" Louis cried. Everyone started laughing. "I'm so sorry Boo Bear, please forgive me!" Harry pleaded. "Okay." then they hugged while everyone is laughing.  "So what's everybody want to do?" Zayne asked. "Movie anyone?" I suggested. "Toy Story!" shouted Liam. All of a sudden my phone vibrates. So I pull it out of my pocket and it's a text from Zach.    Zach: I will find you and you will be mine again. xx   I stiffened and Harry noticed and asked "What's wrong, beautiful?" "Nothing." I lied. "Eve?" he sounded really worried. I handed him my phone. "He'e not getting anywhere near you!" he shouted. Everyone turned to us. I hid my face in Harry's chest. "What's going on?" asked Liam. Harry was playing with my hair when he spoke "It's just an ex that won't leave her alone." "Oh." they all said in unison.     We were all sitting there bored out of our minds when Harry finally suggested that we watch a movie. "Okay what movie?" I asked. "Toy Story!" shouted Liam. We all laughed. "I'll be right back." Danielle said. When she came back she had a robe on and her hands were behind her back. "What are you doing?" Liam asked laughing. "I got you an early birthday present. When we went shopping." "Babe, you didn't have to do that. Just having you is a birthday present." "I think you'll like this." Then she took off the robe and she was wearing an outfit she got at the mall. She was wearing a pair of Toy Story pajama pants, a Toy Story t-shirt, and Toy Story socks. Then she pulled out a Toy Story bad filled with a bunch of Toy Story stuff including an outfit that matches her's. "Awe babe, I love it." he stood up and gave her a kiss. After that. he went to change into them.    We decided we would watch Toy Story Dani did all that for him. We ended up watching all of them because Dani bought him special edition of every Toy Story movie created. While watching Everyone was cuddling with someone besides Niall. "I feel bad for Niall." I whispered to Harry. "I think maybe we should get him a girlfriend. I added. "I'm gonna talk to Niall about it later." he replied. "Don't be jealous but I'm going to go sit with him for a little bit okay?" "Please stay with me." he pleaded. "But, I feel really bad that Niall is sitting in the chair by himself." "Fine." he kissed me pastionatly and then I got up and went over to Niall. "Hey Niall, mind if I sit with you?" "Okay but I don't know where your gonna sit." I plopped down on his lap. "I found a place." I looked up and he was smiling.    Niall's POV: I can't help but smile because from the moment I saw her I could tell that I wanted something between us. But now that she's with Harry that will never happen and I just need to stop thinking about her that way. It's just that she's so beautiful, sweet, smart, and amazing. At that moment she cuddles into my chest and I wrap my arms around her. I looked over at Harry and he is watching us and I could tell he was mad because she was over here not with him. "Why don't you go back over there with Harry." I whispered to her reluctantly. "Okay." she kind of sound hurt. I didn't want to hurt her. She stood up and walked over was about to sit on the floor at Harry's feet but she went to sit down and he pulled into his lap instead. They both had a huge smile on her face. All I could ask myself is why did she have to choose him?    Eve's POV: I went to sit down infront of Harry, but instead he pulled me into his lap. While I was sitting on his lap I turned and looked into his eyes for a moment a kissed him. "You are so beautiful." he whispered. "And your so sweet." Then he kissed me and I smiled into the kiss and so did he. We started making out, but I pulled away and layed my head on his chest.  He put his arms around me and that's all that I could remember because I fell asleep in Harry's arms.
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