Gotta Be You

It's about a girl(Evelynn) and her best friend who got to her families house for the summer and they meet 5 boys who they never thought they would meet before. What is Evelynn gonna do when she can't decide between her boyfriend of two years and one of the band members... Read to find out.


9. Chapter Nine


Harry's POV: "When you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't know uh oh you don't know you beautiful." I sang to her. Eve blushed even more this time but she didn't look down. Then a tear ran down her face. "Eve, what's the matter?" "Harry I just cheated on my boyfriend and then you just cheated on Maddie. I can't believe I did this to Zach what will he think of me after this... He'll never forgive me." she was really upset and I had to comfort her some how I couldn't just let her cry. "For one... I'm not dating Maddie anymore she broke up with me. Two... Zach should be able to forgive a beautiful and amazing girl like you and if he doesn't... he doesn't deserve you. And three... Eve I really like you. Even though I have only known you for a day there's just no stopping the feelings I have for you." I said to her. 

Eve's POV: Did Harry Styles just say that he liked me? My thought was interupted when my phone started ringing. I picked it up and it was Zach. Zach: Hey Babe, please don't be mad at me. It was just a misunderstanding. I love you. I don't know what I would do without you... please forgive me. Eve: Zach calm down. I forgive you. I looked at Harry and he looked really hurt. I can't stand this why did he have to be so good looking and such a good kisser? Zach: Thanks Baby... and I have some amazing news! Eve: And what would that be? Zach: I'm almost to your house. My smile faded... Zach was on his way while Harry was still here. Oh my god this is going to end very badly. Eve: Okay then I'm gonna let you go and get ready so I can show you around. Zach: Okay Love you. Eve: Love you too. I turned to Harry and said "Zach's on his way I have to go get ready okay if you don't want to leave go into the basement and stay away from Zach I have to be the one to tell him okay?" "Alright... beautiful." She blushed. "Harry don't call me that while he's here." I then turned and ran up the stairs. I decided to take a shower, after that I changed into a yellow sundress that was ruffled at the top and then it had a thin brown leather belt. For shoes a put on a pair of brown sandles. I had to blow dry my hair and then I brushed it since it was already curled it and put in a head band to match my belt. Then came my makeup which I don't need any foundation because my face is clear, so i put on natural colored eyeshadown, then the usual mascara and eyeliner.  When I got downstairs Harry and Zach were in the middle of a conversation. But when Zach saw me he turned and stood up and opened his arms as I ran and jumped into them.

Harry's POV: All I could think about is how that should be me not Zach and also how beautiful she looks. I can't forget about our kiss we shared earlier. Then I hear Zach whisper to Eve "I missed you." "I missed you too." she replied. Then they kissed and my heart broke and I couldn't stop myself and ended up clearing my throat at them. "Oh... sorry Harry, I forgot you were there." Zach said. "It's fine I should probably get going anyway." I replied. "No, No you should stay." he said. "Yeah, Harry stay you don't have anything to do today anyway. Isn't that why you stopped here to see what I was doing so we could hang out?" Eve asked. "Yeah, I guess. It's just that I don't want to be a third wheel." Eve came up and hugged me and whispered "Trust me you won't be."  It drives me nuts seeing her with him. I just, just want to go up and kiss her. I won't be content until I do, but I know I can't until she talks to Zach if she even does. "Harry, will you go downstairs for a minute I need to talk to Zach... alone." she sounded scared and nervous... so I knew she was going to talk to him about it. I walked downstairs reluctantly and waited till I could come up again.

Eve's POV: "Zach, I really need to talk to you and I know you won't be able to forgive me." I started. "Eve, what are you talking about?" he asked. "Well after I hung up on you, because I got mad that you were acusing me of cheating... I uh..." "Eve... just spit it out!" he sounded hurt. "Well Harry kissed me and I kissed him back... and well I think I might have feelings for him."  I said. "What Evelynn why would even do that to me... I thought you loved me. Does two years mean nothing to you?" he screamed at me and he knows I don't like it when people scream at me I usually shut down, but now I know I can't. "Zach, of course I love you... I just... just, I don't know I have feelings for Harry and he has feelings for me and I don't know if those feelings are more then what I feel with you. We've been fighting a lot over stupid stuff and I just started thinking about it. I think we are kind of... drifting apart. I just don't feel the same way about you anymore it's kind of like a brotherly love. I'm so sorry Zach." After I said that he stormed to the basement and I tried to stop him but nothing worked he wouldn't stop.

Harry's POV: I heard footsteps coming down the steps. I didn't know what was going on until I heard Eve screaming "Zach! No! Just leave him alone! Please." I had to find somewhere to hide. When I found somewhere to hide I heard Zach shouting "Styles where are you!" I didn't reply. "If you don't come out... I'll hurt Eve." Now I had to go out there even if it was a lie I didn't want to take the chance of her getting hurt. When I came out from my hiding spot Zach stepped towards me, but Eve came and ran infront of me. "Eve, move!" "No Zach! I think I might actually love him." Eve said. She loved me? "I love you too." I said. Then she turned around and kissed me and I think I was the happiest guy in the world until Zach grabbed Eve and threw her over the couch. Then grabbed me by the colar of my shirt and said. "Styles you better watch your back because I'm going to come and get my girl back and that's a promise." Then he left without saying anything else.  

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