Gotta Be You

It's about a girl(Evelynn) and her best friend who got to her families house for the summer and they meet 5 boys who they never thought they would meet before. What is Evelynn gonna do when she can't decide between her boyfriend of two years and one of the band members... Read to find out.


14. Chapter Fourteen


Eve's POV: While we were walking back to my house Harry and I held hands the whole time. When I walked through my door I got yelled at by Chloe this time because I was all muddy. So I went into my bathroom and took a shower and changed. I then walked into Tatum's room and told her to pack while I go pack my stuff. When I walk into my room Harry is in there already with my suitcase and a bag out. The bag he already packed all my bathroom stuff into. But I still go through and check to make sure everything is in there which it isn't. "Harry, where's my makeup you forgot to pack it." I say. " I didn't forget to pack it." "Why not?" I asked. "You don't need it so I didn't pack it." "Awe Harry if you were a girl you would understand why I need it." After I packed everything else into my suitcase I had to go get Tatum so we could go. When I walked into her room she was crying on her bed. I dropped everything and ran up to her. "What's wrong?" "Danny..." she sobbed. "What about Danny?" I asked. "He broke up with me." "Oh Tatum I'm so sorry." I start throwing everything she would want for clothes into her suitcase and then went into her bathroom and put the stuff she needs every morning in there too. "Come on Tatum were going to Harry's." "But I just want to lay here and not come out forever." she complained.    Finally after ten minutes of convincing her I got her to come down stairs so we could leave and go to Harry's. We got in the car and Tatum was still balling. I had to take her phone away from her just so she wouldn't text him or call him. It was that bad. Along with Harry not knowing what was going on and just sitting there awkwardly. "Can you guys not hold hands?" Tatum asked. "I'm sorry that your relationship is over but mine is going to continue on." I said harshly. Harry and Tatum both looked at me funny. "Harry stop the car." Tatum said. Harry went to pull over until I stopped him. "I can't stand to be in a car with you anymore." she shouted. "And why not?" I asked. "Because your acting like a snob and that your relationship with Harry is the only thing that matters. So Harry pull over the car and let me out. Please." "I'm going to keep driving until someone tells me what is going on." he said. "Well my boyfriend dumped me and cheated on me about over an hour ago and she's being completly heartless about it. That's what's going on so let me out of this car now before I strangle her from behind the seat." "Oh don't make me come back there and you know  I can kick your freaking butt anywhere anytime. Just like in the eighth grade." " Why do you always have to bring that up?"   Tatum's POV: I really hope Harry will freaking pull over all ready because I told Zach that I would get her by the park at four thirty and it's four now. "Harry please pull over." I begged for like the tenth time. When he finally did Eve got out and followed me just like I was hoping for her to do. "Stop walking! I'm not done talking to you!" she shouted. I was very thankful Harry wasn't following because I didn't want him getting hurt. But after what Eve did to me I have to make sure she gets what she deserves. Then I saw Harry get out of the car as Zach and his friends started to approach. I then turned around and grabbed Eve by the arm and pulled the handcuff off my belt loop. Then replaced them around her wrists. "Here you go Zach!" I shouted then he kissed me passionately  Yes, I know what you're thinking that he loves Eve and not me but I reassure you he loves me and not her.    "Run Harry! Get far away from here!" Eve shouted. That's when Zach's two friends went chasing after him. "Tatum go bring the car around so we can take pretty little Eve home." Zach said. I pecked him on the lips and went to get the keys.   Eve's POV: "I told you I would see you soon." Zach whispered into my ear. He started playing with my hair and when his two friends walked up with Harry he kissed me passionately to make him mad. Harry tried to get away from them but they had a tight grip on him. I also tried to get away from Zach but that also didn't work. So he kept kissing me while Harry was screaming at Zach trying to get him to stop. When Zach stopped he whispered in my ear to kiss back or he would kill Harry. He started kissing me and reluctantly had to kiss him back. I felt a tear slide down my cheek. When Zach pulled away he looked into my eyes and wiped the tear away.  "Please why are you doing this to me? You have Tatum now. What do you want with me?" "I don't love Tatum... Eve I love you. I want you to be mine forever." "I will never be yours." I say moving my head away from his so I didn't have to look him in the eyes. I turned my head so I could look at Harry, but Zach stopped me before I got the chance to look in that direction. "Well look who finally came back with the car. Come on Beautiful." "Brock take Harry's car so no one finds it on the side of the road. Ethan you sit in between them in the backseat so they can't talk." Ethan I knew I recognized those guys. He wanted me to contact him so he could kidnap me. I can't believe this. Ughhhh. I can't trust anyone. Zach pushed me towards Ethan. When he caught me I whimpered "Ethan." "Eve, I'm so sorry but I honestly do like you." "You really do weird things to show it." I said between gritted teeth. "Eve, I love you and I don't want to hurt you so just corporate  I want to help you but Zach is one of my best friends and he's going through a rough time right now. Between you cheating and breaking up with him and then his sister passing away while giving birth to her baby that didn't make it. "Wait so I leave for not even three days yet and all that happens. Then on top of that no one tells me." "I'm sorry you had to find out about it this way." "Omm... not to ruin your conversation of anything but I'm right here and if you love Eve that much why don't you just let her go?" "Because this needs to be done and over with. Just let Zach do what he needs to do. Okay?" "No it's not okay not when it involves my girlfriend that is going to be in danger."    "Harry, I wouldn't be worried about her I would be worried about yourself."  Ethan said. "What is he going to do to him?" "I'm not sure." That's when Zach told us to get in the car. Harry had to get in first then Ethan and finally me. While we were driving I stared out the window and I knew Harry was staring at me. That's when my phone went off but I didn't dare check because if I did they would see it and take it.    The car stopped and we were somewhere I didn't recognize so I decided to ask Ethan. "Where are we?" "I honestly couldn't tell you." he replied. "Zach, where are we?" I asked. "Well remember when we went for the weekend to a cottage in the woods by a lake. Well here we are. I hope you like it. You get to sleep in the bed that we both slept in last time we were here." "I don't plan on being here long." I said rudely. He ignored my comment and continued talking. "Your obviously not going to be with Harry so Harry will be down stairs. Far away from you." "Please Zach let him stay in the room with me. You know I don't like to be alone." "Well then me or Ethan can be in there with you." "But I want Harry not you two." "But I want you." Zach made the mistake of saying in front of Tatum. Which made her extremely mad.    "I thought you loved me and not her. I gave you all I could. All my love and you throw it away for her! Someone that doesn't love you at all." "I was talking to you babygirl." I flinched because that's what he used to call me. "Oh I thought you were talking to her. I was starting to worry for a minute." "Not a thing to a worry about babe I love you and would never cheat on you ever." "He..." Harry tried to get out before Ethan duck taped both of our mouths shout. I glared at Ethan. "There ya go boss now they will both shut up and stop asking questions." "Good idea Ethan."    We got out of the car and headed inside. When we walked in the first thing I wanted to do was cough but I couldn't. I looked over to Ethan and did the best I could to signal for him to take it off and it seemed to work since I no longer have the duck tap on my face. The only bad thing was is that he didn't take it off Harry. I was led to the same room me and Zach shared a few months ago. "Ethan I don't want to go in this room." "Why?" Ethan asked. "I want to go to the basement with Harry." Harry started shaking his head frantically  "Well if I can't be downstairs with Harry I want to be in that room with Harry." "I don't know if you can do that." "Tell Zach the only way I'm going to go along with his plan is that if Harry is with me." Zach overheard and finally let me get my way. "Eve you have always been stubborn " Zach said. "Don't you think I know that. That's why you always let me get my way." I replied. "No that's because I loved you." We all just stood there awkwardly until Zach said he had to go to the bathroom and that I had to come with.    "Why do I have to come to the bathroom with you your a big boy?" "Cause I couldn't resist this urge anymore." Then he pushed me up against the wall and kissed me. I surprisingly kissed him back because I knew he would make me either way. That's when he tried to get me to takeout with him and I objected. "Please Zach no." I started crying and there was a banging sound on the door. "Go away I'm going to the bathroom!" shouted Zach. "No your not." Harry shouted. "Let me out Zach please." after I said that he threw me to the ground. "Shut up I'll let you out when I let you out!" Then he kicked me in the stomach. I cried out in pain. "Let her out! Once I get my hands on you you'll be sorry!" Harry shouted.   
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