Gotta Be You

It's about a girl(Evelynn) and her best friend who got to her families house for the summer and they meet 5 boys who they never thought they would meet before. What is Evelynn gonna do when she can't decide between her boyfriend of two years and one of the band members... Read to find out.


15. Chapter Fifteen


   Eve's POV: "What are you going to do about it?" Zach asked. "Hey Zach." I say all sweet. "What beautiful?" he asks. "Will you uncuff me please because you know how much I love to run my fingers through someone's hair when I'm kissing them." He takes off the handcuffs and starts kissing me so I use one hand to play with his hair and the other to push down really hard on his pressure point. "Owww." He screams in pain as he falls to the ground. I went to run out the door until Zach grabs my foot and I fall and hit the back of my head on the corner of the counter. I reach my hand up and there's blood all over it. I reach up for the door handle and when I finally grab ahold of it I unlock it and fling it open. Harry sees that my handcuffs are laying on the floor and so he puts them on Zach so he can't get away. Then he comes over to me to make sure I am all right. That's all I remember before I passed out.     Harry's POV: Eve pushes the door open and I rush in and notice that there are handcuffs laying on the ground. I put them on Zach's hands so he can't get away and then I make sure Eve is okay. I look into her eyes for a few seconds then they close. I pick her up and run to the place where they left my keys. After I have them in my hand I put Eve in the backseat. I reach into my pocket and call the hospital to tell them that I was on my way. When I hung up I noticed I had a bunch of text messages them all being from the guys except for one which was from Maddie. It said:   Maddie: Harry I miss you so much I shouldn't of flipped out on you and I need you back. There is no one in this world that I love more then you.   Harry: Well there's someone that I love more then you.     After I sent it we were hit by a car. Our car flipped over three times and that's all I remember since I blacked out.     Two days later: I woke up to a white room and loud beeping noises. "Where am I?" I asked to no one in particular. I look over to the chairs next to my bed Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayne, Perrie, and Eleanor were sitting there. "Where's Danielle?" I asked. "I'll talk to you about that later." Liam said. Then I realized Eve wasn't there and I started freaking out. "Where's Eve!?" I demanded. "Harry calm down." Louis said. "Not until I have my Eve by my side." "Harry we have to tell you something." "What?" I was almost in tears. "Eve is in critical condition and they don't think she is going to make it."  Niall got up and stormed out of the room. I don't know what was wrong with him he wasn't about to loose his girlfriend.      "Harry we also requested that they put you two in the same room." I look to my other side and there laid Eve my beautiful girlfriend who at any moment could loose her chance at living her life. "I love her so much." I say. "We know you do, we all do Harry. We love you too." "I don't know what I would do without her. I know I've only known her for a week but I love her and I don't know if I can live without her." "Harry were here for you." Eleanor said. Niall finally came back to the room. "What's up with you lad?" I asked him. "I just needed to get some air is all." I didn't believe him but I wasn't going to push him on it. Then all of a sudden Eve's machine stopped beeping. I started crying really hard and Louis ran to get a doctor. Niall runs over to her and starts rambling on and on about random stuff I couldn't quite make it out. I tried to get out of bed myself but I couldn't get myself to move anywhere my leg hurt to bad to move.      The doctor's came running in with the electric pads and tried to zap Eve back to life but it didn't work and she was gone forever. 
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