My life

My name is Beatrice im 17,i live with my dad and two younger twin sisters,Macy and Cath.My mother died in 2001 when i was five,im single,i live in London,my father is an alcaholic,i quit school and well there is lots more to know about me but it would take ages to write.


1. Scared

I put my key into the house door and took a deep breath,as i walked in i saw my two half sisters  Macy and Cath sitting on the stairs huddled together "Macy,Cath whats wrong?"i asked as i ran to them and sat by them "Dave was angry so we ran upstairs intill he left but when he came back he was still angry so we hid down here intill he fell asleep"replied Macy,Dave was our alcaholic dad but he does not treat us like a normal dad would so we call him by his name when he is not around.He has not been like a normal dad since my mum died in 2001,she was on a buisness trip to America but when she was there the twin towers got destroyed and she was near the twin towers when it happened so she died there "don't worry about Dave,i won't let him hurt you"i said and hugged them tight,another thing about Dave is he is short tempered so if he is angry then he will take it out on me,Macy or Cath.

I heard footsteps come down the stairs so i moved the girls out of the way,Dave was awake.He came down looking angry "Beatrice did you get my crisps from the shop!?"shouted Dave "they did not have any"i replied "then try another shop stupid girl!"shouted Dave as he raised his hand and slapped me rigght across my face.I fell onto the ground in pain "im going out"announced Dave and he walked out of the door and slammed it behind him.Macy and Cath rushed over to me to see if i was okay "Beatrice your face is bright red!Cath go and get a bag of ice for Beatrice"said Macy "okay"agreed Cath.Im glad Cath and Macy are here even know they are not my real sisters,nine years ago Dave got a girlfriend who wanted money,so they had childeren together but she ran off with most of Dave's money and left Macy and Cath here.I wish they were my real sister but they are like my real sisters.They are scared of Dave,so am I.

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