Pure Perfection

Kaela Garcia was just an ordinary fan of One Direction. She loved all of the members, but had soft spot for Zayn Malik.
Kaelyn started attending a University in London, which meant she move from San Francisco, her home town. She took an English teaching training coarse, and bumped into someone she never thought she'd meet.


7. San Francisco- A Day to Remember

 *Zayn's POV*

  I woke up this morning, with Kae in my arms. Damn,  she was so cute when she was asleep. I smelled something delicious, coming from downstairs.

  I saw Kae was about to wake up.

  " Morning, pretty boy." Kae said, in a groggy morning voice.

  " Morning, beautiful." I reply, kissing her softly on her lips, like always.

  " What's cooking downstairs?" I ask, wondering what the delicious smell coming from downstairs was.

  " Longinuisa. It's a Filipino sausage. I think you'll like it."

  The boys, Kae and I take showers, change, brush teeth, and run downstairs. The table had two plates of sausages, a plate of tomatoes, a a big plate of rice. " Eat up." said Mrs. Garcia.

  We ate our food. The boys and I watch Kae as she cuts her sausage with a spoon. " How do you cut food with a spoon?" asked Lou, almost in shock. " It's a Filipino thing. We cut with spoons, not knives." Kae stood up, walked to a cupboard, and handed us steak knives. She says to me, " If your going to marry me, your going to have to learn how to cute with a spoon" We laugh, and continue eating.

  *Kae's POV*

  We decided to go downtown and go shopping. It was somewhat warm, so I decided to wear short khaki colored jean shorts, a loose tribal print tank top, and my red Nike Free Runs. I pulled my hair into a messy top knot. The boys were wearing almost the same thing- cargo shorts, a white tank top, and their Ray Bans sunglasses. I just decided to wear my pink Ray Bans sunglasses.

  We piled into my car, and drove downtown. We went shopping at all my favorite stores- Zumiez, Hot Topic, Pac Sun, Lids, and many other ones I don't even remember. At the end of the day, we had ice cream at a famous ice cream place.

  We were sitting outside, since it was warm. We went home late, around 10 PM. I fell fast asleep on the couch, but this time, on top of Zayn.

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