Pure Perfection

Kaela Garcia was just an ordinary fan of One Direction. She loved all of the members, but had soft spot for Zayn Malik.
Kaelyn started attending a University in London, which meant she move from San Francisco, her home town. She took an English teaching training coarse, and bumped into someone she never thought she'd meet.


6. Niall's Big Day

I woke up from a restfull sleep at around 8:30. Zayn was'nt in bed. Neither was Lou.
They were awake and dressed. They were sitting in the little kitchen table.
" Morning babe." said Zayn, kissing me softly on my lips. " Why up so early?" I ask.
" Nialls ready to go home today. He's taking a break from the band for a few weeks. So are we. We wanted to go to San Franisco." said Lou. Oh my goose. San Francisco?!
"Wanna come with?" asks Zayn.
" Oh my god! I'm from SF. Thats my home town!" I said. They both look exited.
" Then what are we waiting for? Lets go!" says Zayn, gathering his clothes off the floor and stuffing them into his suitcase.
I take a lighning speed shower, brush a my teeth, and get dressed. I decided to wear yellow skinnies, a striped V- neck, a grey cartigan, and a pair of white Nike high tops. I wore my hear down with a loose, grey beanie sitting on top. Perfect.
We got into Lou's car and drove to the hospital.
Niall was already waiting room. " Hey guys! Hi Kae!" siad Niall exitedly, hugging the guys, and the me. " How are the others?" Lou asks. " Liam woke up early this morning, about 4. Lost his memory, but he's progressing." Louis and Zayn start to loosen up. " What aboit Haz?" Louis asked, sounding hopefull. " Haz's not doing so well. Got shot in the chest 4 times. He's been in his coma for about 4 days. It could be worse. "
Lou and Zayn's eyes start to water. Niall and I stood between them. " Don't worry guys." I said my head resting on Lou's shoulder. "It could be worse." said Niall. The boys sigh. " Lets just not sit around! It's Nialls big day remember?" I said, trying to sound exited. " Can we see them? Before we leave?" asked Lou, his voice trembling. Niall nodded, and led them to the urgent care room.
The nurse was kneeling by Liam's bedside. " Good news, guys. He's fully recovered." the nurse said. " Hey guys." says Liam in a tired tone. " Hey Li. We want to introduce you to someone. " says Lou holding one of my hands. " This is my new girlfriend, Kae." says Zayn. " Hi Kae. I'm Liam Payne." said Liam, holding out his hand, and I shake it. " Hi Liam. I'm Kaela Garcia. " I said. " Nice pick, Zayn. She's a cutie." says Liam. I blush, and Zayn rubs my back.
We say our goodbyes to Liam and Harry, and drive to the airport.
I wake up, my head on Zayn's shoulder, hos arm around my neck, and suddenly feel chilly. We're in SF!!
I wake up Zayn, and suddenly he gets goosebumps. He hugs me tight and says, " Why is it so fucking cold?" I laugh and put my arm around his shoulder. " This is SF weather, babe."
We pile into a taxi and drive to my house, because this is where we're going to stay.
I run up the steps of my house and ring the doorbell. My mom and dad open the door.
" Sweetie!! What are you doing back so early?" my Mom says as they both hug me. " My new boyfriend and his friends wanted to visit SF." I see Zayn walk up the steps struggling carrying two suitcases. " Kae, why did'nt you he- oh, you must be Kae's parents. I'm Zayn Malik, Kae's boyfriend." Zayn shakes both of my parents hands. He runs back down the stairs to help the rest of the boys. My mom look completly shocked. " Zayn's your new boyfriend?! " my mom siad, in shock. She knew about my crush on him for ages. " Yeah. I met him at school. " my mom looks mad. " Why arn't you in school?" I laugh a little." Mom, you know that class is FREE, right." I say. " What ever. My father and I want to talk to him.
" Zayn!!" I yell. He runs runs up the stairs. " Whatcha need babe?" he says, out of breath. I point to my parents, and he walks inside.
I help the boys with their luggage and show them their rooms. Niall and Lou shared a room, and Zayn and I slept in my room.
Zayn and I unpacked and changed into PJ's. He looked at my walls and giggled. My walls were covered in 1D and Zayn Malik posters. Shit.
" I'm guessing you had a crush on me for a while?" he asked. I nodd. " Ugh, your too cute." he said, kissing my softly on my lips.
We layed down in bed, cuddled, kissed, and eventually fell asleep.
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