Pure Perfection

Kaela Garcia was just an ordinary fan of One Direction. She loved all of the members, but had soft spot for Zayn Malik.
Kaelyn started attending a University in London, which meant she move from San Francisco, her home town. She took an English teaching training coarse, and bumped into someone she never thought she'd meet.


12. News


I woke up at about 9 this morning. Kae was sleeping peacefully by my side, her arm around my waist, her head nestled on the crook of my neck. My phone buzzed. A text from Paul. I unlocked my phone, and the text read, " Meeting today at 10. -Paul x"

I  woke up Kae, ate breakfast, took a shower, brushed teeth, picked up the boys, and drove to Paul's office.

We walked into Paul's office and sat down on the couch. " Hi boys, long time, no see." Paul greeted and looked at Kae. " Is this your new girlfriend, Zayn?" I nodded, and Paul smiled. " Simon and I have some news. We're going on tour to America in a few days, and we wanted Kaela to preform with you." Kae smiled, but soon faded away. " Are you sure their fans would like it?" Paul chuckled. " It actually was requested on Twitter." The boys started talking to each other, in an excited tone.

" You guys better rehearse. Kaela will preform a duet with each of you. Song of your choice. You are dismissed." We got up and exited the office, got in the car, and drove to the studio. " I can't wait to sing with you Kae. Is this your first time preforming?" said Harry. " Well, not really. I was in Glee club in high school, and I sang in competitions." I rubbed rubbed Kae's back. " I have a talented girlfriend." I said proudly, kissing Kae on her cheek. Kae pushed me away, and said, " Lets start rehearsing."


" What do you want to sing with me, Li?" I decided to rehearse with Liam first. " Uh, Lucky? Jason Mraz?" We laugh a little at his uncertain- ness. " Okay." I pull a guitar off the wall, start strumming, and then start singing.

Next, I rehearse with Harry. We chose to sing the accustic version of Gotta Be You. He did a great job.

Next was Niall. Since we both know how to play guitar, we agreed on I Want, with me on the piano. We took the most time, but we agreed to practice a little more on our free time.

Then, I rehearsed with Louis. We agreed on More than this.

Finally, Zayn. We thought long and hard, until we chose Straight jacket Feeling by All American Rejects. That was my favorite song to play on the guitar.

The boys rehearsed together, and I waited on the couch. I checked Twitter.

paulmemaybe- @heyitskae OMG I cannot wait for the concert!!! r u coming to LA?!

louiscarrot- I cant wait for the @onedirection concert!!! #excited :))))

nialls_nandoes- @heyitskae cant wait to hear u sing!!!! :)

I smile at the sight of nice comments(finally!). Finally, no more hate! The boys step out of the rehearsal room and sit down on the couch. Zayn and Harry sit by my side, and Niall and Liam sta on the ends. This has been officially the best week ever!

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