Pure Perfection

Kaela Garcia was just an ordinary fan of One Direction. She loved all of the members, but had soft spot for Zayn Malik.
Kaelyn started attending a University in London, which meant she move from San Francisco, her home town. She took an English teaching training coarse, and bumped into someone she never thought she'd meet.


11. I want...


Finally! I'm free! Today was my last day at the hospital. I sat in the waiting room. Yesterday, Zayn said he would pick me up today at 10:00. It was 9:30. My eyes gazed around the lobby, yet something caught my eye. A piano. I LOVED music, singing, all that stuff. I learned how to play every One Direction song there was to play on the piano. This was a perfect time to show off my skills.

I walked to the piano, opened it, and started playing the introduction to " I  Want". Then I started singing the lyrics, as good as I could.

" Give you this, give you that, blow a kiss, take it back, when I look inside your brain." I heard the automatic opening door open, and then someone started singing.

" I would give you lots of things, clothes, shoes, diamond rings, stuff that's driving me insane." Zayn. I started to smile, but kept on going.

" You could be preoccupied, different date, every night, you just gotta say the word."

We started singing in a graceful harmony. " But your not in to them at all, you just want materials, I should know because I've heard, when boys/girls say,"

" I want, I want, I want, but that's crazy. I want, I want, I want, but that's not me. I want, I want, I want, to loved by you." The song finished, and I stood up.

" I didn't know you could sing, or play piano." I smiled, and ran up to Zayn and hugged him. " I can play guitar, too." Zayn giggled. " You have more musical talent than I do." I looked up at his face. " Maybe we could sing a duet together." said Zayn. I just smiled and burried my face in his chest

* Sorry for short chapter! Writers Block! :)*


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