Pure Perfection

Kaela Garcia was just an ordinary fan of One Direction. She loved all of the members, but had soft spot for Zayn Malik.
Kaelyn started attending a University in London, which meant she move from San Francisco, her home town. She took an English teaching training coarse, and bumped into someone she never thought she'd meet.


1. Goodbye.

My plane to London Is going to take off in 20 minutes. I was wearing a pair of white skinny jeans, a loose Linkin Park tee shirt, my favorite pair of lace- up boots, and a top knot sitting on my head. My family and I carried three stuffed luggadges, and a carrie on with about $2000 in my wallet. San Franciso was foggy, wet, and overcast.
At the 10 minute mark, we said our goodbyes.
" Bye Papa. Bye Mama. Mahal Kita." Mahal Kita meant I love you in Tagalog.
" Bye honey. Have fun." My parents hugged and kissed me.
I walked over to my brother.
" Bye Kuya. Gonna miss you." Kuya was big brother in Tagolog.
" Bye lil' sis." he hugged me and kissed my forehead. He took off his snapback hat.
" Here, keep this." he said. It was his green, white, and red "Obey" hat.
" Thanks." I said.
I waved goodbye to them and boarded the plane.
I sat in an empty row. I placed my purse next to me and took out my iPhone. I put my earbuds in my ears and selected my One Direction album. I loved One Direction. But I have a soft spot for Zayn Malik, yet there is no way they would be in London. I heard from my friend Melissa that they where on tour in Tampa or something. Damn, she was OBSESSED.
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