Pure Perfection

Kaela Garcia was just an ordinary fan of One Direction. She loved all of the members, but had soft spot for Zayn Malik.
Kaelyn started attending a University in London, which meant she move from San Francisco, her home town. She took an English teaching training coarse, and bumped into someone she never thought she'd meet.


2. Class

I took a taxi to the apartment my parents rented me, which luckily was a block away from Uni. I managed to pull all of my luggadge up to my apartment, or what British people call, their "flat". But I still want to call it my "apartment". I dont have a car, so I will walk or take the bus to places. Luckily the grocery store is arcross the street, and Uni is a block away.
I arrived at my apartment at around nine-ish. I have class tomorrow at seven, so I planned to make my bedtime routine short, starting at ten.
I spent my hour by plugging in kitchin appliences, becuase I like to cook, and putting away cleaning supplies and toiletries, which took my roughly half an hour.
I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and changed in to pajamas. I was so tired that I just jumped into bed and slept.
I woke up at six- thirty this morning. I did my usual morning routine. Then I changed into something comfy and casual- red skinnies, plain V- neck, my high school lettermen jacket, and a pair of red Nike high tops. I put on my brothers snapback on, just for fun. I look in the mirror and notice I look a bit like Zayn. How coincidental.
I grab my bag, a cup of coffee, and run out the door. I walk down the stairs, out to the streets of London. It was dark and breezy. I manage to find my way to my University. I pulled out my phone. 6:30 AM. Crap. I'm early.
I sit on a bench and check my Instagram and Twitter.
I wake up early, remembering about classes this morning. I think I'd manage being an English teacher and an international superstar.
I brush my teeth, do my hair, and wear the usual- jeans, tee shirt, varsity jacket, Nikes, and my fitted "Obey" hat. I run out the door, not bothering about breakfast.
I walk to the University, and see a girl, around my age, sitting on a park bench.
" Hi. Mind if i sit?" I ask.
" Sure." She answered not looking up.
I sit down. " Im Zayn." I held out my hand. She looked up and shook it. " Hi! I'm Kae-" she stopped, looking kind of shocked. " Oh. My. God. Your Z-Zayn Ma-Mal- Mailk." She said. I laugh.
" And you are...." I ask. " I'm Kaela. But my friends call my Kae." Kae said. " So Kae, what are you doing at the University?" I ask. " I want to be an Engish teacher. I moved all the way from San Francisco." she replied.
" I want to be an English teacher too." I say.
The sun started to rise and I saw her beautiful face. And her outfit.
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