Blood Red

As soon as Abby, layed eyes on the ghostly pale girl she knew she looked familiar... Turns out ivy the new girl is Abby's long lost twin sister. But Ivy's got a killer secret will Abby find out?


2. Saying HI

Mrs Bell, asked Abby if she would show ivy around and get to know her. " Do I know you?" Stuttered Ivy. "Um you look very familiar I guess!" laughed Abby. "Infact I feel as if I've know you for years!" shouted Abby, "Same! As soon as I saw you I felt the same!" said Ivy.

Abby, pulled out her maths book, with her full name in printed huge letters ABBY JENSEN
"Wait! Jensen is your second name? Mine too!" shouted ivy! "cool!" smiled Abby. There was something fishy about that girl.
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