Blood Red

As soon as Abby, layed eyes on the ghostly pale girl she knew she looked familiar... Turns out ivy the new girl is Abby's long lost twin sister. But Ivy's got a killer secret will Abby find out?


1. Familiar looking....

Abby was roaring to go as it was her first day in 8th grade, but on the other hand ivy was as nervous as ever dreading to enter her new school as she wouldnt know anyone.

First period bell rang as the students of westmoor high frantically ushered into their classes.
Abby casually sat down as her desk reading through her maths book. Mrs Bell Abby's teacher had an announcement to make. "CLASS CLASS" she yelled " I have an announcement to make! I'm pleased to introduce to your our new class member ivy Jensen!" Abby looked up to see a ghostly pale tall girl tremble at the front of the class, she looked familiar to Abby very familiar infact as if they known each other for years and years.
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