Forever Young

Annie is a normal girl until she meets Louis. It was love at first sight. Louis and Annie are the most loving couple, but they have lots of trouble along the way. Can they find a way to make it work?


2. Louis

"Sorry, love," the boy with the most amazing eyes said
"Please excuse my clumsiness; I'm not having the best day...." I told the boy.
"I'm pretty clumsy myself. My names Louis," He said stretching out his hand to me.
"Hi. I'm Annie." I told Louis.
"Please don't mind me asking this ,but, what flight are you on?" Louis asked me, as if under a spell. "17-C to England," I told him looking deep into his beautiful blue eyes.
His face lit up, "Me too! You see," he lowered his voice,"we've been on tour for four months!"
On tour? I raised my eyebrows.
"Oh! I'm in a band with my friends. It's called One Direction," he explained.
I knew I recognized his face and voice, but I couldn't remember.
As we talked, I set my suitcases down.
"Oh my! Let me get those for you, love," he said.
He quickly grabbed all my cases and we headed towards the gate, laughing and chatting.
He made me happy.
And I loved him.

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