Forever Young

Annie is a normal girl until she meets Louis. It was love at first sight. Louis and Annie are the most loving couple, but they have lots of trouble along the way. Can they find a way to make it work?


3. In Love?

Louis' POV

As we chatted more and more, I became attached to Annie.
"Look, Annie, the plane leaves in 35 minutes. My friends still haven't shown up yet.
Will you wait with me? I'm…so… lonely." I grinned
She giggled and nodded "Yeah sure I'll wait with you!"
She said "I wanna meet your friends,"
We talked for about 10 more minutes when I saw a black Escalade show up. "Thats them. We can't take our tour bus because that's too noticable," I explained.

Annie's POV
I saw four boys get out of the car, each with black hoodies and sunglasses.
Louis waved them over and smiled his amazing cheeky smile.
The boys waved back and smiled. 'Dang, theyve got good smiles,' I thought.
Louis, who, to my surprise, ran to them and hugged each of them as if they hadnt seen one another since birth.
Lou straightened himself and led them toward me.
"Boys, I'd like you to meet Annie." he said to them
"Louis, introduce us to your beautiful friend." one of them said.
"Umm… Anni- excuse me, bathroom break," Louis said before zooming off to the nearest bathroom.
"Hello, beautiful, I'm Niall Horan," he told me, with the cutest Irish accent ever.
"Hi, Annie, nice to meet you, I'm Liam Payne," the boy told me, tossing the waves out of his face.
"VAS HAPPENIN, I'm Zayn Malik, the most attractive of the boys," he informed me.
"Hello, love, I'm Harry Styles, but you can call me Hazza," he told me, making me blush.

Just then, Louis came back and planted himself next to me.
"Everybody getting to know each other okay?" he asked us.
We all nodded.
With that, we boarded our plane, Louis by my side.

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