Climbing The Walls

This is about a girl who has to move to London.She meets a special guy from a a band you mightive heard of,One Direction.This is my first movella please dont hate it.


1. Were moving!!!!!!

"So ill see ya tommorow then Ashley"My best friend Annie said."For what?"I asked."The party!"She said loud.''Oh ya see ya tommorow"i said happpy.Crap! I missed the bus talking to Annie.No i have to walk so much fun.{20 minutes lata}"hey mom hows dinner coming"i aksed."Good but at dinner when your father gets home we have to tell you something kay"she said."Whatever im going to do my homework"i said a littke worried.5n-2x=? i have no idea what it i-"Ashley its dinner time"said my mom."weres Rachel"i asked.
"Shes at a friends,but we have to tell you the goood news"my mom said."What is the good news''i said."WERE MOVING"my mom and dad said at the same time."Aren't you happy sweetie"she said concerned."NO MOM,IM NOT HAPPPY"i yelled as i sat up from my chair.SLAM!!!!!!!  

I can't beleive were movin,what am i going to tell Austin my boyfriend we've been dating for three years now.And what am i going to tell my best friends.I need to go to bed and calm down.                          

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