Climbing The Walls

This is about a girl who has to move to London.She meets a special guy from a a band you mightive heard of,One Direction.This is my first movella please dont hate it.


5. the last goodbyes

I woke till my alarm going off and i was no that tired evn though i drank alot,that wuld be why i only have my bra and panties on.I started to get ready i went out to the car to get my clothes.I came back then and Ashley cam down with a boy ive never seen before."hi ash"i said."hi"she said worried.Im guessing she was wondering or thinking what id i do with this boy."I got to go ready i'll be right back"i said.I put my clothes on and started to put my makeup on then went back downstairs to see a lot of people up and making breakfast some people were lying on the floor or couch rubbing their temples."I got to go''i told everybody and ashley and annie started following me to the car to leave with me to say goodbye.We listined to music and talked about how wasted we go las tnight and how it went.So get this Ashley slept with that boy and she didnt use protection so she scared she might get pregnat but it takes a few days to find out so im soo sad i wont be able to be here with her when she finds out but she promised me to call or text right away.

 We got to my house and i got in the house and lots of my family were there and we had to leave less than half an hour.It got time were we had to leave Ashley and Annie and we  started crying it was horrible we got and packed in the car and we waved goodbye.I WAS SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!:(we go to the airport and it took like an hour to we actually got on the pkane and i slept almost the wholway we landed.

   sorry its such a short chapter

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