Climbing The Walls

This is about a girl who has to move to London.She meets a special guy from a a band you mightive heard of,One Direction.This is my first movella please dont hate it.


4. The last day/night with my friends

I woke up  at 10:00 everybody was already up.I had to eat breakfast really quick,i need to go see Annie and Ashley before i leave i need to say goodbye.I'm so happy i dont have to say bye to my family to day i already said bye yestuday but they will be back in the morning to say goodbye to us.''Hey mom,dad and rachel''i said kinda happy.They all looked up from what they were doing."Hiya"they said and went right back to what they were doing.Dad was reading the news paper,mom was finishing up breakfast and Rachel was texting her friends.*Austin*hey im so sorry.Oh my gawd i cant belive he was trying to even make contact with me,i never told you what i had to go say goodbye to Austin you know my bf,so i go to his house and the most popular girls car is in his driveway,im like what the hell is she doing here.So i knock on his door and no answer i do it again and no answer so i just come in shut the door slowly and i go upstairs to his room and see them making out and i start yelling at him and crying and theen i screa/yell "BTW IM MOVING SO KEEP THIS UP WITH THIS SL-''what ur moving,but why"he said.i just run out get in my car and drive home,so thats whyAwere definetly brokin up.

    I ate really fast said bye to my family and texted Ashley *me*hi im coming right now can't wait to see you guys.*ashley*hi i ant wait to see you too make sure you brought your baithing suit if you didnt you know i have extras.*me*thanx but i brought one luv you can't wait to see you.

   "heyy i missed you"i said."go get ready Annie's coming and her bf is just gonna come fo a few minutes,the only reason her bf isnt staying the whole time because its are time together"she said.Aww i can't belive one of my bffs would do that i just luv her.So Annie came and we headed for the beach p.s. her bf is so nice

  We were all splashing and laughing in the water and Annies new bf just stayed it was fine with rest of us and a few of these girls we knew showed up to warn us about Tina's party.We were going to leave the beach soon to go get ready for this party but we wanted to stay for about an hour to do some more tanning.'Are you ready to leave you guys"Joey Annies boyfriend asked.We all noded and started to pack up the car and when we got back we started putting everything away and started getting ready.I wore this cheetah print dress thats was at my thighs(i know a bit trashy)with black heels cute hoop earing put my hair ina poof like snookis from the jersy shore show put lots of makeup on and went downstairs to walk in to Annie and Joey making out."Oh sorry Ashley"Annie said blushing.I just sat there smiling then we said we were ready to go.

   We got there and there were alreay tons and tons of people.It got at leasts 2:00 and the party was still going so i kept drinking and drinking intill i passed out witth my shirt off on Tinas couch.........And woke up at 7:000 to my alarm.........................................

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