Climbing The Walls

This is about a girl who has to move to London.She meets a special guy from a a band you mightive heard of,One Direction.This is my first movella please dont hate it.


6. The first day there/A big surprise

It was the day after we landed and we landed at 10:00PM.I just passed out last night even though i slept the whole plane ride,i guess i was just tired from two night ago.I woke up and it was 10:30 and only my mom was up she asked me to help unpack the kitchen,i helped then my mom gave me a credit card to go shopping with.I drove my car and one directions new song Live While Were Young i like turned it up so loud.But this car with a five guys in the car and the one that was driving was all staring at me then talking to the boys arounfd them but it couldnt be 1D even thought it looked like them.I pulleld into the parking space then started walking in and thought that car pulled up next to me nut that was just alittle glimpse out the corner of my eyes.I went straight to Hot Topic and got 3 new pairs of jeans and a shiet thats says i luv 1D,Then i went in jusice and got this bracelet that said BEST FRIENDS FOREVER for me ash and ann and got 3 one direction shirts some realy cute shirts about 5 and i went to get some new makeup.

  I got into victoria secret  and i went straight to their makeup."what would be a good choice?"i said to myself.I got a ton of new makeup in a basket and headed to their bra and panty section.When i was looking at some i coulld fell these pairs of eyes staring at me behind me,i tried to ignore it.But 5 secounds later i turned around and saw these five boys.....but they weren't just five boys they were..................ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!

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