Climbing The Walls

This is about a girl who has to move to London.She meets a special guy from a a band you mightive heard of,One Direction.This is my first movella please dont hate it.


3. The Cookout

When i woke up it was about 7 in the morning and no one was up,but it was a sunday so i could see why.I knew sense i was up i wouldnt be able to go back to bed so i decided that i would go drink some coffee downstairs.''I'm starved''i said as i looked through the fridge.Then all of a sudden i jumped because i heard a groan on the couch.It was just rachel she looked miserable.''How was last night''i asked rachel smiling''SHUT UP''she yelled at me.Then we both started to laugh because we both knew she was only joking.''So whats happend last night''? I asked.''nothing just drank to much''she said.We talked intill about 10 in the morning and then mom came downstairs and looked me at then gave rachel a glare.UH-OH!!

                                           3 HOURS LATER

Annie and my other bff Ashley (we have the same name;)This cookout is just to ley eveyone know anoyt us moving how sad all my reatives and neighbors will know and ofcourse Ashley and Annie.''Everybody I have a annocement to make''my mom told everybody.I just felt like i was going to throw up,I couldn't say good bye to my bffs and my fam.''WERE MOVING''my mom cheered.Everybody there either started to cry or just sttod there with there mouths open.Then some people asked why and my mom or dad told them about the promothion.Then a few minutes later ashley and annie came running up to me crying.''Why didnt you tell us''ash asked.'' i was going to then my mom told me about the cookout so i decided for to let everybody know''i said really sad like i was about to cry.We just huuged till ther moms came.I just cryed myself to sleep.

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