Nothing Lasts Forever

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2. Escaping Together....

*Abby’s POV*

I woke up hearing bangs on the door. “Niall, if you’re doing it, make it somewhere else! I’m trying to sleep.” I growled. I heard snores beside me. I looked at Niall, who was curled up beside me and hold tight my arm. I thought he didn’t want me to escape from him… ha funny thought. I shook him a bit. “Ni! Nialler…. Niall!!!” Then he finally came to wake up. “Wha…?!” I laughed. “Someone’s banging the door, go check.” I whispered in his ear. He nodded and stood up.

“You slept in your boxers?!” He laughed. “Yeh… so?” I shrugged my shoulders and turned away. He looked through the hole and gasped. “It’s the cleaning lady. What do I tell her?” I bit my lip. “Um… tell her we’ll be out in 10 minutes.” He nodded and opened the door.

 “Hello!” She said and smiled bigger than before. Niall waved at her. “You need to leave at 12.” She bit her lip, smirking at the same time. She winked at him and gave him a little piece of paper. “Save it darling. Just give me a call when… THAT leaves you.” She said, winked and left. Ugh! Slut! Niall closed the door and came to bed. I turned away as fast as possible. “Um…so we need to get out at 12, okay?” I nodded. “Yeah sure. Um… but you don’t want to stay with your girlfriend for a while? I can go alone, you know.” He sighed. “What are you talking about?” I shook my head. “Obviously you don’t know.” I whispered and stood up. “Get dressed and let’s go.” He nodded. Shit, I got jealous. Ugh… well he IS handsome.






“We’ve got a receipt.” Niall said. “Okay, what does it say?” He slammed the bathroom door, almost getting the pee out of me. “What’s your problem?!” I said. “It’s 2,000 bucks! I don’t have that!” I gasped and slapped his arm. “Ouch! What was that for?” He rubbed his arm. “For ordering too much food! Now look at what you’ve done.” I said. He sighed. “I know, let’s sneak out!” I shook my head. “Nope, not gonna happen.” I said. “B-but why? We escaped once… from the hospital. We can escape again!” I sighed. “Um… okay!” We got our things and got out of the room. “Okay…. On the count of 3 we ran across the hall and go to the exit door over there.” Niall said. “You plan fast.” He chuckled. “Thanks.” I nodded. “Okay…1…” We took a step. “2….” We took another big step. “And…3! GO!” He said and we ran, but suddenly someone stopped us. “Ouch!” I yelled in pain. Niall and I hit our heads with each other. “Where do you think you’re going?” He grabbed our shoulders and took us to the office.

“Teenagers…we have found someone.” The lady said to us. “Let us go!” I cried. “Tsk, tsk. You little rebels! I cannot let you both go, and if someone who people has been looking for… I can’t let you go. I have orders that I have to return Niall, alive, and for you…” I sighed. “Abby.” I murmured. “Abby. Lovely name, dear. You’ll go to jail for kidnapping him.” I gasped. “No! She didn’t kidnap anyone!” Niall shouted. “Sit!” She yelled. He took his sit again and looked at the ground.

“Fine, I’ll go to jail. And Niall, don’t try anything. Please.” I said. I didn’t want Niall to take care of me, and I didn’t want him in my life. I’m too miserable to have him right now. I prefer to die alone in jail. “No! Abby, you won’t go to jail. You’ll have your life back! I promise!” He said.

 “Ahem!” The lady said. “Shut up! Marcus! Come and take this teenager back to where he comes. Rafael! Take this young lady to prison.” I bit my lip and tried to blink my tears away. Although, Niall and I were…. Not seeing each other ever again. I hope we can see each other and not know who we are. Not know each other. I couldn’t take it anymore; I had to tell him…now. “Wait! I’d like to tell him something before this happens.” I said. She nodded. “Go on.” She said. “Niall…” I started. “I do… I do love you. I love you, since the day I first saw you. I just realized it. I really just did. I-I love you.” I finished breaking into tears. “You can take me now.” I murmured. “Okay.” She said. “Take her.” I sighed. “No!” Niall shouted.

It was the last time I heard from him. It’s been a week already, I’m in jail. I’m counting down the days; I’ll be out of here in 2 years. The good thing is they let me keep my bag and everything that was in it. I didn’t mention my phone was there. I didn’t use it anyways.

“Abby, you have a visitor.” Eric, the guard, said. “Who is it?” I didn’t have visitors, friends or family left. “It’s a boy.” I gasped. “Name?” He shrugged his shoulders and opened the gate. “Go.” I sighed and went to the visit room.

Oh no… it couldn’t be, could it? “Niall?! What are you doing here?” He smiled and hugged me. “I missed you.” I smiled. “I thought you’d never come.” He furrowed his eyebrows. “Why would I do that? After you told me you love me, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” I sighed. “I missed you too.” He looked curiously at me, not saying a word. “Wait here.” He said and left. “Is it over yet?” I asked Eric. He shook his head. “10 more minutes.” I nodded.

He came running and took my hand. “They let me take you out for an hour. Let’s go.” He said and dragged me outside. “Change into these.” He said and gave me a pile of clothes. “Thanks!” I said and changed. I got out and hugged him. “You’re really sweet. Where are we going?” He grinned evilly. “What are you thinking?” He laughed. “We, lady, are escaping from jail.” I frowned. I shook my head. “No! Niall, this escaping thing does not help me or you. So no! I refuse! It’s like you asking me to be your girlfriend. No!” I shook my head and went back inside. He held my hand and dragged me outside again. “What did you say?” I looked at him curiously. “About what?” He frowned. “You don’t want to be my girlfriend?” I gasped. I shook my head. “No, Niall, it’s not that. It’s just…I never thought of you and me being an item. I’m sorry.” He shook his head. “No, it’s okay. If you don’t want to go out with me, then I think I should go home.” A tear fell down my cheek. “No Niall! Wait! I didn’t mean that!” I cleaned my face. “Then, what did you meant?” I gulped. He was facing me again.

I sighed and finally after days of desiring for this it came, the right moment. Him. Niall. Our kiss, if it’s our last, or first. I don’t care. I just want to be with him and nobody else.

He kissed me back. I pulled away. He gasped. “I never get girls.” I laughed. “I don’t understand boys, but when I do, I make my move.” I said and winked. He chuckled. “You’re right…so, will you be my girlfriend?” I smiled and nodded. “Yes!” I hugged him. “You’re perfect. I love you.” Tears streamed down my face, happy tears though. We pulled back and gazed for a moment, a very large moment. He took my hand. “Let’s go, I’ve got something planned.” I smiled. I missed those moments when we were together. Although, it was only for 3 days, those days were the best thing in my life.



“Here we are!” He said.

It was magical. It was beautiful. It was a beach house.

“Whoa!” I said softly. “I know. For us. One night.” He said in that sexy accent of his. “You never fail, Mr. Horan.” He smirked. “Well I try not to.” He winked.

The rest of the hour we were just talking about us, getting to know each other better.

“Well, we should head back to jail, unless you want to escape.” He winked. I shook my head. “How long are you staying?” I sighed at the thought. “2 years of not seeing you.” He frowned. “Why? We can’t see each other for 2 years?” I shook my head. “Yes, but you have your career, Niall. I don’t have a life now. I lost everything, my house, my family, and I’m hundred percent sure I’m going to lose you too.” He shook his head. “No, you’re not.” I nodded.

“Um… Niall, we kind of are going to forget about us, and I know I will regret it.” He sighed sharply. “Why are you so hopeless?” I bit my lip. “My life isn’t as fascinating as it looks…for you. I’m not the perfect girl everyone wants, I’m not good-looking. Oh, and did I mention that I killed my mother and sister? Well, you know that now. So, I’m not the girl you’re looking for. I’m sorry.” I tried to blink back the tears. Total failure. “Don’t cry. And Abby, I’m never letting you go. I promise.” He held me inside his arms and kissed the top of my head. His phone rang. “I’ll pick it up now. Wait here.” I nodded and looked at the ocean.

Suddenly someone held my arms and covered my mouth and my eyes. I tried to scream but I couldn’t. Then, everything went black.



I opened my eyes and looked around. It was a room and the walls were all covered with blood. “Niall! Help! Someone help me!” I cried. Silence came in reply. I cried. “Shut up girly!” I heard from a very far distance. “Take me out of here!” I heard the door open and close. “Where am I?” I said in between cries.

 “Somewhere. Now, Abby,” I yelled in pain as I felt how they kicked my head, and I felt the blood stream down my cheeks. “Who are you and how do you know my name?” I cried. “Shut up!” It was a man, tall, mustache and skinny.

 I sighed. “You need to tell me something, okay dear?” I whined, and nodded. “Did you kill Elizabeth and Caroline?” The man said. I nodded. “Now, it’s payback time. You slut!” He slapped me across the face. “Ouch! Who are you?!” I yelled. “I’m Rick. Elizabeth’s lover.” I gasped. “Where’s Niall?!” He laughed. “Your boyfriend? Oh don’t worry; we took special care of him.” I sobbed; I curled up on the floor with my face inside my hands crying. What have I done? “Let him go!” He grinned. “Why? If you’re going to pay me back, then he should stay and watch the show. Don’t he?” I shook my head furiously. “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

 I stood up and punched him in the face. “You dick!” He fell on the ground and passed out.

I ran to the door and opened it silently. I got out and watched the other door in front of me. Niall was there? I opened it silently and looked inside. Bingo! “Niall?” I asked whispering. “Abby! Help me out.” He whispered. I nodded and helped him get out of the rope. He grabbed my face and pulled me closer to him and kissed me. “I love you.” Tears streamed down my face. “I love you too.” And kissed him again. “Let’s get out now. I’m scared.” He nodded.

He took my hand and we ran outside.

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