What is love really?

I thought it didnt exist. I thought everyone was crazy. I was the real crazy one. This cant be true. Why would it happen?


1. Sierra's POV

You were just lying on a blanket in the hot june heat next to your best friend Jackie watching clouds and fantasizing your love life.
"I will be married to Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. We will have a few houses but our main will be in London and we will have a Starbucks inside. We will have six children two boys four girls we will own a lot of horses and two dogs." i rolled my eyes. Jackie was hopelessly on love with that British boyband, One Direction. I just ...well...wasnt. Everyone did understand why but I just dont and they should respect that.
My name is Sierra Alexandra Shurtz and I dont believe in love. I know I know you think im crazy right? First i dont love 1D second i dont believe in love. I've had boyfriends they were sweet and incredibly cute. I was used to boys loving me. I was rich, popular, and according to everyone, impossibly gorgeous. I have it all. But it still feels like im missig something...I dont know what but its just something.
"I will end up being an extremely rich model with men always around her but never marrys because love isnt real" i told Jackie
She rolled her eyes we never agreed on love. We were inseperable since 2nd grade but we still debated over some things. Love, boys, and music.
She absolutely adored One Direction and got two tickets for her 18th birthday and decided to drag me along. She was taking me shopping later today to get the perfect concert outfit.
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