What is love really?

I thought it didnt exist. I thought everyone was crazy. I was the real crazy one. This cant be true. Why would it happen?


2. Chap 2 sierra's POV

We got up and started to clean up our mess so we could go ahead and drive to the mall to get our concert outfits. I loooved to shop. It was probably my favorite hobby other than horseback riding. Jackie opened her trunk and shoved the blanket in the back along with the picnic basket. I hopped in the passenger seat waiting for her to get in and drive me to the outlets and the mall. Jackie didnt really like shopping, she didnt like to wander around looking for things it was more in and out. Me on the other hand....i could spend an hour or more in just one store. I try to encourage her to just look around maybe get some jewelry or a cute top. She tries and i know she does but she just doesnt really like it. Anyway we pulled into a parking space, probably the one furthest from the door and furthest from any other cars. Jackie was very protective of her car. She didnt want the paint to scratch or the doors dinged or anything else. Its a great thing to treat your car well but it wasnt exactly the best i your wearing uncomfortable shoes (mostly heels) and you had to walk a long way, and i just so happened to be wearing 4 inch wedges. They looked really cute with the dress i was wearing but it sucks to walk a lot in them standing was ok though. 
"so give me an idea of what you were thinking about wearing to the concert" jackie said locking the door over her shoulder.
"oh....well i havent exactly thought about that yet....maybe a crop top and shorts or high waisted shorts with a cute shirt or a cute mini dress or a romper or something?" i said inspecting your nails.
Jackie groaned "you just described basically everything" 
I laughed and asked "wait is it meet and greet?"
Her face brightened a bit "yep!"
"ok then heels maybe a dress that is strapless and goes mid calf? A cute clutch and platform heels maybe?"
Jackie nodded in approval and i asked her what she was wearing "well i was thinking short shorts  snap back a cute vneck or crop top and converse" jackie has that cute spunky style that i adore. 
We walked into delias because they always have the cutest crop tops. I saw a toy story 3 one and a cool story bro one. Then i saw an adorable dress that i knew right away would be my concert dress. I ran over and grabbed my size before anyone else even got to look at it. I had to wait a few minutes for a dressing room but it was worth it! The dress was adorable! It was a floral dress with a belt and it was spaghetti straps. It made me look perfect. It was so comfortable i didnt want to take it off but i had to so they could ring it up. Shopping for the concert would be waaay better than the concert itself but at least i get one thing out of the concert. So we also went to Saks, Journeys, Abercrombie, Sephora,  Tiffanys, Victorias Secret, Bath and Body Works, and many more. I think Jackie actually did enjoy this shopping trip either that or her excitement for the concert was overflowing. We both picked out the perfect outfit, scheduled hair and nail appointments, scheduled makeup and spa appointments, and made reservations for a fancy restaurant near the concert arena. The concert was in a week but Jackie was so excited she started talking about clothing and restaurants 4 months ago! Well im probably becoming annoying so ill just fast forward to the day the concert was. 
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