Cat is ecstatic to see the city of London for a concert- but when she is reunited with an old friend, what could possibily go wrong? . . . And as for a certain blonde haired blue-eyed boy, change is in the air.


5. Up All Night

~Cat's Pov~

After the boys left, I sat pondering.

Who's heart would I break? Seriously, know I'm thick.

Why would Liam finally confess his feelings 

And the most important one; Why did Liam say I wasn't texting back?! 

My thoughts were interrupted by none other than, Holland.

"Whatcha' doing?"

"Thinking..." I said. It totally sounded like a deep statement. Only then I realized that I had met One Direction in my pjs. Oh. My. God.

"What?" Holland said grazing my thoughts.

"I just realized, we met One Direction in our pjs!" her eyes widened and I could tell she was thinking the exact same thing. Oh. My. God.

"Oh. My. Flacking. God."

"Yep." I said nonchalantly. I looked at the time. It was only 9:00! We arrived at about 7:30ish, watched about and hour of the movie, which brings us to 8:00, then all the One Direction stuff took like an hour? Really? Wow... "I'm bored, and it's only 9:00!"

"Let's have a sleepover!" Holland suggested.

"With just us?" I asked quizzically. "That wouldn't be a sleepover, really." I may be a blonde outside of school, but in, I was the nerd.

"No! With the boys!" she said in a 'duh' voice.

"Ohhhhh. Thank you, o wise one."

"Text them!"

"Okay okay." said acting annoyed.

I grabbed my phone out of my purse that was sitting on the coffee table and opened his contact. I looked at his contact and giggled. Oh Niall.

Me ♥: Hey Holland asks if you guys wanna come over for a sleepover :]

Sexy Irish Beast: sure. be there in 10.

"They are coming!" I kinda shouted.

"I will get the popcorn."

"Popcorn..what...?" I asked her.

"I've stayed at this hotel before...and they have microwave popcorn and bowls." she said.

"Wow...fancy." I said once again in awe. "I only stay at motels..." then I heard knocking. I skipped up to the door and opened it to see the boys. "Hey come in guys!"

"Yay!" Louis said. "Got any carrots?" he asked me.

"Oh Lou, I know you don't have a carrot obsession." I laughed.

He breathed a sigh of relief. "Good, every fan I've ever met has given me carrots! It doesn't even make sense," he muttered to himself more than to us. "I said I liked girls who eat carrots. I never said I liked those bloody things..."

"Yes that's right." I said patting him on his back.

We all walked towards the couch and we found seats. I sat with Lou, (who I could tell would be my bestie) and Niall on the couch, Holland with Liam on a smaller one, and Harry and Zayn on the other smaller one.

"What movie are gonna watch?" Holland asked.

"How about Paranormal Activity 2?" Harry suggested. As you probably know, he loves horror films.

"Yes!" I cheered. Everyone else agreed to it. Harry had brought it in his overnight bag. He popped it in and pressed play.

"That's gotta hurt!" I laughed when the wife was being dragged down the stairs. The only part I remotely showed any emotion besides happy was when the doggy got hurt. But I wasn't scared, I was sad.

"That poor dog!" Holland said when it was thrown against the wall.

"Awwh..." I said. Everyone was shocked.

"Did she just act sad?" Liam said to Holland. "When this whole time she's been like, happy?" The awkwardness was gone between us, and we just kinda didn't talk about it. We still need to clear things up though.

"Yes." Niall said matter-of-factly while putting his arm around me. Wait, is it just me, or did Liam look...jealous..? No...probably not.

After the movie ended, we got bored. Again. It was only 12:00!

"Who wants to play spin the bottle?" Harry asked like the cheeky lad he is.

"Sure." Zayn said looking at Holland. Ooh what's this?

"Anyone have a bottle?" I asked.

"No..." Harry said. Dumb boy!

"Let's do something else." Lou said. "Truth or dare!" of course. Every single time. In fan fictions, and real life! [sorrry...had to say that]

We sat in a circle, (it was more like an oval) and Zayn started.

"Holland, truth or dare?"

I already knew the answer. "Dare!" Holland being the brave one, always picked that.

Zayn thought for a moment. "I dare you to go walk around the lobby in your bra and underwear. If they ask you to cover up, make a big fuss over it."

"Alright then." she stood up and took her pjs off informer of all of us. Harry whispered something to Zayn and he turned bright red and covered his...area? Oh Zayn you horny old goat...

She stood up and walked out of the room. We scurried behind her and watched as she took the elevator down. We went down on the next elevator and when we arrived, we saw Holland arguing with an official looking guy.

"...Who cares, its like 12:30 in the morning!"

"That's exactly why this is weird!"

"So do you want me to come back in 12 hours? Would that make it less weird?" she said.

"Ma'am, please go back to your room."

"Fine, I will!" she grumbled as she stalked over to us. When we were safely going up she broke the silence.

"Ohmygosh! That was the greatest dare ever! It was so fun!"

"Well, it was funny to watch." I said.

When we arrived at our floor, we hurried back to our room, and continued playing.

"Okay," Holland said. "Cat, truth or dare?"

"Truth." I never ever went with dares.

"Is it true that you fancy Liam?" Oh, Holland...

"I-I used too...but not really anymore..." Out of my peripheral vision, I saw Liam's face fall the tiniest bit. This I so confusing...So what? He fancies me now? Stupid brain...C'mon help me out...

After the game was over, everyone did their own thing, and people fell asleep. I was the only one up, and once again, I got lost in my thoughts.

What's going on in my life?

I woke in a state of confusion. When did I fall asleep? The concert was at 7:00 tonight, and it was 11:00 now. The boys had left and Holland was already up. Alright then.

"What are we doing today?" I asked her.

"Gong shopping!" she said excited. "I've always wanted to go shopping in London, and now we are! Get your ass ready."

"Okay fine..." I grumbled. "So I take it the boys left?"

"Yep. They had a signing to be at."

I nodded and walked over to my suitcase. Hollan made me bring a whole extra one for the clothes we would be buying.

I grabbed and outfit and went to the bathroom. I showered and did my hair and makeup and got dressed. Once I was ready it was about 12:00. This was gonna be fun. (I love shopping!)

*6 hours later*

It was 6:00 and we had about and hour before the concert started.

I was talking to Holland while getting ready. I wore a Cher Lloyd t-shirt, and black jeans with converse. I didn't need to dress up too much. I'm not looking for anyone's approval.

By the time we were ready I was quarter till seven. Good timing.

"Shall we go?" Holland asked me. "You have everything right?"

"Yep. Let's go!" I said excitedly.

We walked out of the hotel and into her car. She turned on the ignition and drove to the venue.

When we got there, there was this guy checking people's tickets. He checked ours and we walked to the seats. They're we're only about 3 rows in front of us.

"How'd you get seats this close?!" I shouted because of the noise.

"I know a guy." she smirked.

Then the lights dimmed in the arena and the show began.

*1 hour later*

The concert had ended and it was only 8:00. We didnt see the boys at all, but it didn't really matter. They would've taken the attention away from Cher.

We drove back to the hotel, and surprisingly, I was exhausted. I changed and fell asleep thinking. Again.

Seriously....Who's heart would I break? I'm going to find out. Soon.


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