Cat is ecstatic to see the city of London for a concert- but when she is reunited with an old friend, what could possibily go wrong? . . . And as for a certain blonde haired blue-eyed boy, change is in the air.


7. Tell Me a Lie

Cat' Pov~

*Skip to Monday night*

On Sunday we didn't really do anything. It was pretty uneventful. Just some more shopping and talking to the boys.

I was still pretty confused about Liam though. Was it good or bad? Do I like him still, or not? I didn't know what to go with. I still had his number in my contacts. I really need to straighten things out with him.

Right now, we were driving back to Wolverhampton. We had already passed our school, and we were nearing my flat.

When we arrived, I hopped out.

"Bye girl! I'll call you later."

"Alright Kitty-Cat." she said slowly driving to her house. I walked into the flat to be bombarded with yelling.

"Where the hell have you been!?" my mum screamed at me.

"At London, like I told you." I said.

"You never said a damn thing." she hissed coming closer. Of course, she was drunk when I told her.

"I did, when you were drunk off your arse."

She lost it. She slammed at against the nearest wall of our small flat, and punched me in the stomach. For a couple seconds I couldn't breathe. She punched me again, in the face this time. She pushed me on the ground and kicked me.

While I was in the ground, writhing in pain, I thought. Maybe I should fight back... I did punch that waitress....

I acted on my thoughts and shakily stood up. I walked closer to her with anger and pure hatred in my eyes. This I time I pushed her to the ground. Hard. I am so done with this. I turned on my heel and grabbed the suitcases that were sitting by the door. Good riddance for both of us. I walked out the door and speed walked down the street. Where I was going? I didn't know. Then it hit me; Holland. Duh.

~Holland's Pov~

I heard knocking at the door and ran to answer it. My parents were at some charity gala, so it meant I was home alone.

I opened it up to see a bloody and bruised Cat.

"Oh my god, Cat, what happened to you?!"

"Umm...I'll tell you. But can I sit down? I hurt." she said.

I grabbed her shoulders and she winced slightly. "Oh sorry!" I said not taking my hands off of her.

"It's fine." she said. I led her into the living room and sat her on the couch.

"So, please enlighten me." I said gesturing to her.

"So I got home, and get this, my mum was drunk when I told her we wee going to London, and so she gets mad at me. I say a few things and she goes psycho mum on me. Then she started to beat me. I have had it with her, so I...fought back."

"Since when did your mother beat you?!" I asked appalled.

"Since she started getting drunk after my dad left." she said boredly. "Liam was the only person who ever knew about it." Ahhh, so Liam ranks higher than me. . .That's cool. "We need to put her in jail." I said seriously.

"It's fine. I'm never going back there anyway." she sighed.

"You can stay here until we find a place. We can move in together like we planned!" we both took the exams to get accepted into the University of London, and planned to find a flat there. Cat even spent her summers working at supermarkets to pay her part, as she was dead set on paying for her rent.

"Well Holland, it isn't that simple. We have to acually get the acceptance letters."

"Even if we don't, we can go move there. I mean, why not?" I argued.

"Okay, sounds like a plan. Anything to get away from that monster." she cringed at the word monster.

"So...about Liam." I said awkwardly.

~Cat's Pov~

"What about him?" I asked blankly. As in, no expression. At all.

"What happened on Friday? I'm a girl and I can read inbetween the lines." Holland said looking me straight in the eyes. "You need to really either tell me, or call him. I saw that you were almost crying, Cat."

"I don't have his number anymore..." I lied.

"Cat, I can tell when you're lying." Damn, she was good.

"Ugh, fine."

I grabbed my phone out of my purse and walked out of the room giving Holland a fake glare.

I unlocked my phone and opened up my contacts. I stared at Liam's number. It was still favourited. I lightly tapped it, hopping it wouldn't be enough, but it was.

While it was ringing, I stared at the dried blood on my finger from where I touched my face earlier. Why? Why would my mother be so horrible to my father and I? She truly was a monster...

"Hello? Hellooo...?" Oh, he picked up.

" Liam." Yep. That's what I said. I'm such an awkward kangaroo.

"Oh Cat." he said. "What do you need?"

"Um...I wanted to fix things between us." I couldn't take the questions anymore.

"Isn't everything-"

"No Liam, nothing's fine we seriously need to uh- figure this out. . ." I said.

"Okay...well, did you um. . .make up your m-mind?" he asked with an air of cautiousness in his voice.

"Liam, it's no that I don't like you, but I'm just not ready for a serious relationship. . ." I'm sure I was hurting him with every word.

"Oh. . ."

"I'm sorry Liam, but you're still me best friend." I could feel the dissapointmnt in the air.

"It's fine. . .but what about me nt recieving your texts and calls? Did anyone not want you to talk to me? 'Cause I don't think it was our phones. . ."

"Hmm?" I was utterly confused. How could it not be our phones?

"What I'm basically asking is, was there ever anyone who might've tried to destroy our friendship?" he asked again.

"No, not that I can th-" Wait, there was someone. Of course... "Liam, I know who it was."


"My ex. Miles."

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