Cat is ecstatic to see the city of London for a concert- but when she is reunited with an old friend, what could possibily go wrong? . . . And as for a certain blonde haired blue-eyed boy, change is in the air.


13. Stole My Heart

Lucky number 13? In England ;)

~Cat's Pov~

I woke up disoriented. This isn't my bed...Oh, wait. We moved. That's right... Honestly, sometimes I am just so stupid.

I checked my phone which rested on the nightstand beside my bed. It was already...9:15...? Oh, shit!

I jumped out of my bed, (which was surprisingly comfy for having no sheets) and ran to my suitcase. I still needed to put it all in my closet... I picked out a white racer back tank and a high wasted spring skirt. I don't really need to dress up...

I hopped in the shower and had the shortest shower I've ever had in my life. (but it was still pretty long :P) I dried my hair and put on my clothes. I did my makeup and checked the time. 9:45. That's record time. I slipped on silver gladiator sandals and went into the living room.

Holland was nowhere to be seen. I walked to her bedroom and found her snoozing in her bed. And I thought she was the early riser...

To occupy my boredom, I watched the medium sized tv that was mounted on te wall. When it was about 10:03 I heard a knock at the door.

I practically ran to the door to open it revealing a smiling Niall.

"Hey," he said. "Ready to go?" he asked me.

"Yep!" I was excited. Very.

We made our way down the hall, and into the stairwell. We walked down those bloody stairs and finally made into the lobby. I didn't mind though. As long as Niall was comfortable.

In the end, we decided on taking Niall's car. [i know he can't drive, but I need him too, so yeah] we set off for Big Ben first.

"Can you do an American accent?" I asked him, putting on mine.

"I guess, but it's not very good." he replied in what seemed like a mock version. It was like an American trying to put on a Brit's accent. [i know you've done it...admit it!]

"I think you'll be fine with your Irish one!" I laughed. He smiled and soon enough, right smack in front of us, was Big Ben.

"It's amazing!" I gaped at it. "I need a picture!" I whipped out my phone and snapped a shot. "Niall, can you take one with me?" I asked him.

"Sure." he said. I snapped one with him and I together. "To be honest, not a lot of fans want to take pictures with me..."

"What?! Why?"

"They think I'm ugly and untalented." his face fell a little.

"Niall James Horan, you listen to me right now." I said. He was taken aback by the sharpness in my voice. "You are not ugly, and you are not untalented, okay?"

He sighed. "Whatever you say..."

"Okay...and I say we go inside the tower!" I grabbed his wrist and headed towrds Big Ben once again. But this time, we went inside on a tour group.

After we saw all the gears and whatnot, I was hungry. "Niall," I whined. "I'm hungry!" and at that moment, my stomach decided to growl. Nice move stomach...

"I'm hungry too." He said chuckling. We walked around for a bit, until I saw a cart selling fish and chips.

"Oh my gosh, look." I said pointing in wonder to the stand. "Fish and chips!"

"Yay!" he screamed. I guess he does love food as much as I do...

We both ordered, and when he was about to pay, I put my fist down.

"I'm paying, Niall."

"No. I always pay for the lady." he argued.

"Too. Bad. I'm paying." I grabbed my wallet and waited. Sure enough, as he was about to give the bills to the cashier, I grabbed his hand and shoved my bills into her hand instead. She just chuckled.

"You two make a great couple." she said handing us our food. I could feel myself, and Niall, blushing so badly we were radiating enough heat to thaw a mammoth.

"Oh, we're not dating." I told her. She shook her head.

"You should. Have a nice day!"

We both walked along eating in silence. I saw the entrance to the underground and pointed to it. Niall nodded, and we walked down the stairs.

We both got on the next train to ride to wherever we were going.

"Let's get off at this stop." Niall suggested.

"Okay!" I said brightly. What that lady said was killing me. Would we really make a good couple? Or was she just messing with me? Whatever she meant, I've given up on love. Niall would just hurt me.

We walked up and out of the underground station and found ourselves near the River Thames.

"Ooh, let's go on the bridge!" I squealed.

"Okay." he said looking at the adorable little shops that lined the street.

As we were walking, I felt his fingertips brush against mine. Not soon after he intertwined his fingers with mine. I didn't say anything. After all, his warm hand against mine was comforting in a way.

It was strange how almost no one recognized him, and if they did, they didn't point him out. I was thankful for that.

We were now at the base of the bridge. There were two options, the lift or the stairs.

"Do you want to take the stairs?" I asked him not letting go of his hand.

"No." he closed his blue eyes and took a deep breath. "I'll take the lift." he opened his eyes.

I gave him an 'Are you sure' look, and he nodded.

We walking into the lift, and about 10 other people joined us. Not good. It was a spacious elevator, but still.

Niall had closed his eyes again and was taking more deep breaths. I gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, and he opened his eyes.

We had arrived at the top, and I admired the view.

"Isn't it beautiful?" I said.

"Yeah. It is." he responded.

We were up there for a good fifteen minutes, before we came back down.

"Niall, one last stop, okay?"

"What is it, love?" he asked turning to me. He had grabbed my hand again, but I liked it.

"The London Eye." I said pointing to the gigantic ferris wheel.

"Alright then."

We walked again, and I swore I heard someone say, "Young love," when I was passing by. These people were all getting the wrong idea. We were just friends.

We finally reached it, and the line was horribly long. They were packing about 15 people into each gondola alone.

When we were at the front, the woman working recognized Niall.

"Oh my! You're Niall Horan from One Direction! My daughter loves you!" she exclaimed. All heads turned towrds us.

Then there was screaming. Fangirly screaming.

"I'm so sorry Niall!" the woman said while trying to hold back the crowd. They were crazy. "Please, just take that gondola to yourselves so people don't harass you."

We speed walked into the gondola ahead and a man slid the door shut and it locked. The cabin was bigger than the lifts, so Niall didn't have any panic attacks.

"Talk about luck." Niall said once we were going into the air.

"Yeah. Those girls were all idiots. If they had really loved you, they would have noticed you first. I think it was just because that lady said One Direction." I told him not choosing my words correctly.

"You're right." he sighed sadly.

"Niall, no! I didn't mean I like that! I'm sure those girls really did love you!"

"No, I'm sure they didnt. Nobody likes me. I'm just a worthless price of crap!" he said in frustration.

"You're wrong, Niall." I said. "I-I like you." Cat no! Now you've gone and given him the wrong idea!

"I'm sure you don't." he said miserably. This time I grabbed his hand and pulled him closer.

"No Niall, I do. Really." then I was leaning in. My brain kept screaming no, but my heart was insisting.

Just as our lips were threatening to touch I pulled away. Niall had a confused look on his face.

"I-I'm sorry. . ." I said not making eye contact.

"It's fine. . .I can understand why you didn't want to kiss me. . . I am ugly."

"Niall, please. . .It's complicated. . .And you're not ug-" He cut me off.

"Stop lying to me! I thought you were different, but you're just like the rest!" he cried in anguish.

I felt like crying. I had hurt this beautiful boy. . .

"I'm so sorry. . ." I whispered.

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