Cat is ecstatic to see the city of London for a concert- but when she is reunited with an old friend, what could possibily go wrong? . . . And as for a certain blonde haired blue-eyed boy, change is in the air.


16. Little Things

~Cat's Pov~

We were all joking around in Louis' second car on the way to the rink.

I sat next to Liam, who I could feel was blushing, and on my other side was Harry. Zayn was in the back with Holland, and Niall and Louis were in the front.

"Yay we're here!" Lou shouted once we pulled into the parking lot of the rink. 

A sudden thought hit me. "Wait Harry," I said turning to him. "Won't people recognize and fangirl over you all?"

He smiled a simple with just a bit of cheek hidden deep within. "No, I think I've taken care of that problem."

We all got out of the car and walked into the rink. There were two different rinks, both different sizes. In the larger rink, people were skating and having fun. In the smaller rink, it was deserted, not even a zamboni going over the  ice.

Harry walked up to the counter followed by Louis, who had a certain spring in his step.

The girl at the counter looked up, her eyes as big a saucers. "Oh! Mr. Styles, we have your rental ready!" I could tell she was fighting the urge to rip off his clothes and rape him. 

"Please, call me Harry, and thank you." he said in his slow drawl. He motioned to us. "Guys, tell..." he glanced at her name tag. "...Monica your shoe sizes." 

She looked at him, hypnotized. "I know my boss told me not to fangirl over you, but my lord, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan are standing right in front of me!" she squealed.

The boys chuckled as we told her our sizes and she grabbed our skates. 

"Thank you!" Liam said as we were walking up to the little room above to rinks. Harry rented out a room, AND a WHOLE ice rink!

Once we had all finished chattering and getting our skates on, we walked back down the stair and into the cold, frosty air.

Lou and Harry were skating together like the paparazzi didn't exist. They were best friends, and there was no questioning it. 

I still remembered how to skate after all the years, and same with most of the boys. Except Zayn. Go figure. 

"Zayn, I'll help you." Holland Said skating over to him at the edge of the rink. 

We had been laughing, skating, and just have a good time, when Lou decided they needed to go see the people in the other rink. 

"Let's go, lads!" he yelled.

"Lou, I think I'll stay here..." Niall said as they were all skating to the exit. Even Holland. I stayed where I was. 

"Niall mate, c'mon." Liam said in a pleading voice.

"No, I don't think the fans will want to see me..."

"Suit yourself." Zayn said. "Cat, you gonna come?" 

"No, I think I'll stay with Niall." I said. Niall glanced at the corner. 

He shrugged, and they all disappeared through the door. 

I skated over to Niall.

"Hey.." I started.

He looked at me with those eyes. Why oh why did he have to be so adorable?!

"Look, Niall, I know it must be confusing for you, I know it is for me, with all that's happened today..."

"Skip it Cat, I don't need your pity." he said looking away again.

"Niall, look at me." he did as he was told. "I really do like you, and not as a friend...I guess you could say that I..."

"You what?" he whispered.

"I fancy you...a lot."

"I-um, I really like you too, Cat." he said. We were getting closer by the second. It was like the last time. I started getting lightheaded, with adrenaline pumping though my veins.

Our lips finally touched and it was bliss.

Then he said it, the magic words. The words that could heal a wound thousands of years old, and make a painful scar vanish. 

"I love you."
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