Cat is ecstatic to see the city of London for a concert- but when she is reunited with an old friend, what could possibily go wrong? . . . And as for a certain blonde haired blue-eyed boy, change is in the air.


9. I Want

~Holland's Pov~

Cat came back into the room looking...I dont know, relieved? Yep, that's it. And she was staring off into space.

"Cat," I said waving my hand in front of her face. "Earth to Cat." she was almost ignoring me. "Catherine!" I knew that would get a rise, and I was right.

"Don't. Ever. Call. Me. That." she said with mock anger.

"Okay. So what happened. You seem happy."

"Well, I figured out who did it."

"Did what?" I questioned.

"The whole reason we didn't talk to each other. It was Miles."


"Holland calm down. Let's just say he hacked my user account and deleted all of Liam's messages on my phone."

"Then why didn't you change the password?"

She was silent for a minute, pondering. "You know what, I really don't know. What's done is done."

"Then we'll have to get you a new phone." I said simply. It was funny how I can go in and out of rages this quickly.

"No. I can't let you do that. I'll buy it with my own money."

"But Cat, you're saving up for our flat!" I exclaimed. "C'mon..."

"Nope. I'll just change my password." Cat was very very stubborn. She never gave into anything. And when I say never, I mean never.

"Well, let's get to bed then. We have school tomorrow." I told her. She gave me a curt nod, not thinking about it much. She had stayed over so many times, my parents had a pull down bed installed in my room.

She changed into her pjs, as did I, And we both fell asleep. I often fall asleep thinking about the day's events, and dilemmas. I wonder if Cat ever does...

~Cat's Pov~

I woke up in my familiar second home, also known as Holland's house. Thank God we went shopping in London, or I wouldn't have anything to wear.

I sat up to see Holland on her laptop skyping someone. Or should I say, people. I recognized Zayn's Pakistani-Brit accent, and Harry's slow drawl.

Holland saw that I was awake and waved me over.

"Hello Cat!" Zayn greeted.

"Hey guys. Where are the other boys?" I noticed that the background wasn't their hotel room, but a flat of some sort.

"What, are we not satisfying you?" Harry pouted.

"No sweetie." I said walking over to get dressed. I grabbed my clothes and pointed to the bathroom. Holland saw and slightly nodded. I ran in and quickly showered and got dressed. It was only 7:30, and school starts at 8:15.

I walked downstairs to be greeted by Xena, Holland's German Shepard.

"Hey girl," I said crouching down and scratching her behind the ears. "What've you been up to?"

She barked slightly an I took that as a 'Not really anything interesting'.

I stood up and walked to the kitchen. I grabbed eggs and bacon from the fridge and heated up two pans. I began to fry the food and a fully dressed Holland emerged from the foyer.

"Are you making food?" she asked me wide eyed.

"Yes..." I said slowly.

"Can I have some?"

"Of course! It's the least I could do after what you've done for me."

"Thank you O great one." Instead of me thanking her, she thanks me. This world is truly a messed up place... I handed her and myself a plate and we ate it all. "You think Niall's jealous?"

"He probaly has a whole buffet made for him everyday." I joked.

And with that, we headed off to Hell.


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