My The Hunger Games fan fiction :)
Hope you enjoy!


1. District 5

White sunlight pours through the cracked bedroom window. Next to me, my younger brother Toby stirs around under the covers, tufts of ginger hair poking out from underneath the quilt. It's only 6:45am (according to our electronic alarm clock), but I am already wide awake. It is the Reaping today, after all. On the bedside table, I press a bright orange button and a glass or water pops up from underneath the table. Here in District 5, we have lots of gadgets, most of them completely pointless. I mean, we have a bathtub that combs your hair while you're washing it. You're going to brush your hair when you get out of the tub anyway, so I don't think it's needed.

Trying my hardest not to rouse Toby, I clamber out of bed and tip toe into the other room. On the kitchen table there is a metallic box with different coloured wire, thick and thin, sticking out of it. I grab a screwdriver and some wire putty, and set to work on it. I don't know what it actually is, but I found it lying on the ground outside of the factory yesterday evening. I've been learning about technology ever since the cradle. Even when I was born I had a game where you had to memorise coloured blocks and hit them in the order they were played in.

Before I know it, I find that my mother is standing in the doorway to the Kitchen and Toby is dragging himself after her.

"How long have you been up, Imogen?"

"Since about 6:45." I reply.

On most days, she'd give me a huge scoulding, but because it's the day of the Reaping, there's nothing else she can do apart from pray and pray and pray.

"It's 12:00. You need to start getting ready." She says blankly.

I've been working at this stupid box nearly 6 hours?! Oh well, if I don't get reaped, I'll be sure to have a peaceful sleep tonight. If.

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