Captured in candy world

Candy the 12 year old girl is living a normal life until she blacks out in the street and wakes up in a magical candy world!!!
While trying to escape the evil candy master she goes on a little adventure on the way!


2. WHERE AM I ???

As my eyes adjust to the bright light I realise that I am in a small round scarlet coloured room that reminds me of an inside of a cherry, strangely the room rings a bell, maybe I saw it in a dream once? I notice a massive, bouncy pink marshmallow in the center of the room, with a round candy cane surrounding it. How odd. I stumble to it and suddenly like I am remembering something from long ago, I realise that the bouncy marshmallow can be used to get me out of here, so I slowly close my eyes and jump on to the marshmallow. "AHHH" I yelled loudly realising that I am 9 feet in the air! As I get higher and higher I notice a green stalk hanging of the roof (top of cherry.) Suddenly I grab hold of the stalk and leaver myself off the top of the cherry.

THEN ...


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