Captured in candy world

Candy the 12 year old girl is living a normal life until she blacks out in the street and wakes up in a magical candy world!!!
While trying to escape the evil candy master she goes on a little adventure on the way!


5. This is familiar


 I open my eyes to find i am not hurt yet refreshed and i feel very relaxed ... All i can see is massive wine gums and lollypop trees !! As i turn around i see about 15 freddo the frogs, some caramel some normal.

" Hello there i am the leader of these other 14 freddo's ! My name is Freddie the 2nd. We all live here but of course we don't want to!!! You see all of our family was packaged and eaten but we were broken in the making so we were thrown away and we ended up here ...  

" Oh i am so sorry to hear that you must all be very sad :-(.. Well i am from Maple Tree avenue it is a long way away from here. I think. I dont know where it is in relation to this place actually. But all I know is that I am lost and I have no clue where home is ; Candy starts to cry!! Dont worry said frank the 4th we know what it feels like to be. ALONE. ABANDONED. and FEARFUL !! Frank also begins to cry xx

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