Captured in candy world

Candy the 12 year old girl is living a normal life until she blacks out in the street and wakes up in a magical candy world!!!
While trying to escape the evil candy master she goes on a little adventure on the way!


4. The Fall

I scream for help but know one was around to witness my tragity of the massive chocolate waterfall! Out of the blue i hear a rustle on the side of the chocolate river. As i turn my head i come across a dark chocolate bunny, holding a giant flump, (marshmallow stick.) Then it shouted grab on. I didnt waste any time so quickly I grabbed onto the flump. But it was not strong enough to hold me and i went flying down the chocolate waterfall. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I yelped as I went tumbling down.

The next thing i knew poof i landed in a soft yet thick layer of cotton candy!

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