Captured in candy world

Candy the 12 year old girl is living a normal life until she blacks out in the street and wakes up in a magical candy world!!!
While trying to escape the evil candy master she goes on a little adventure on the way!


3. Giant Ginger Bread Man

As I look around me I hear my stomach rumble ("gurgle gurgle) I am so hungry" I whisper to myself as if no one could hear me, but then in the middle of the candy world I see a GIANT GINGER BREAD MAN coming up from under the candy. I gasp in shock horror "I feel as if i am in candy heaven, surely this can't be happening it has got to be a dream!

I begin to run as the giant ginger bread man is throwing gum balls at me. All of a sudden I hear "capture her" in a bellowing voice! As i turn around HUGE jelly babies are knotting ropes around my hands and feet "OWWWW" I scream as the knotts are becoming tighter and tighter.  "Let go of me that hurts" but no one was paying any attention to me as they were listening to the ginger bread man for his orders. "Take her to The Candy Cane River and set her adrift on a candy cane!"

BLACK! Unfortunatley for me they have just tied a blind fold around my blue eyes so now i will never find out how to Escape from this candy world! BANG! I hear the noise of the door closing behind me. I sit down not knowing what to do.

I realise i am on a chocolate coated river "yum yum"! Then I look up ahead "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I Scream as I suddenly realise that there is a chocolate waterfall straight infront of me...

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