Unlocking Secrets

Ashleigh has just moved into a new house. As she makes some new friends, she starts to learn the history of her house and why the owners were so willing to sell it.


1. Ashleigh Stevenson

Heya! I am Ashleigh but everyone calls me Ash.

I am 15 years old and I turn 16 on October 31.

Yes I know. My birthday is on Halloween. YAY!

Not really that exciting.

It just means that I get to celebrate my birthday by Trick-or-Treating.

Well let's see......

I have straight brown hair that is just a little past my shoulders.

I have blue eyes and I am about 5' tall.

I have two little sisters that are twins.

They are so evil that they could be related to the devil himself.

I am a total book nerd and my favorite book series is Goosebumps.

I am not a big fan on romance novels.

I prefer more of the scary and gory stuff.

My favorite colors are red,blue,and black.

I love to write my own short stories but I never let anyone read them.

Oh! and most importantly...

I just moved into a new town where I know absolutely NOBODY!

I feel so alone here. I have no friends to call or text.

Well I guess I should go start unpacking.


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