Gotta Be You, Harold Edward Styles.

Chealse is a 18 year old girl that goes to the Holmes Chapel Highschool. Today she finds out her chemistry teacher was fired so a new teacher named Mr. Styles came to town. Will she fall for this teacher? Will she fall for her? What would happen to his career if he falls for her? Everything changes once she meets his friends and they give her support.



Hey guys! I am so happy people are really reading this story! Never knew that people would really read it. Haha! I am so sorry for not posting that much anymore, I don't mean too! So much homework and I get picked up at 5:00 than I have to do my work, eat, shower than sleep. I will try to update on the weekends or tomorrow! Please keep and eye out! I really want to introduce myself!


I am.....


-Cheeky Devil

-I have a Supra obsession, Jack Will, Blazers, Converse and JEANS!

-I love Harry Styles!

-Love all of One Direction really!

Well that's some stuff about me and yes i am a girl :3 that dresses like a boy, so i am a tomboy! Lovin it!cause it will mean the world to me! Please read, like, and favorite mean the world to me! Also I have to apologize about my spelling mistakes! I do write on my Iphone to so please dont be mad. Love you all!

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