Gotta Be You, Harold Edward Styles.

Chealse is a 18 year old girl that goes to the Holmes Chapel Highschool. Today she finds out her chemistry teacher was fired so a new teacher named Mr. Styles came to town. Will she fall for this teacher? Will she fall for her? What would happen to his career if he falls for her? Everything changes once she meets his friends and they give her support.


2. The Teacher

He walked in wearing a plaid shirt and a beanie with jeans. He had curly hair and green eyes. My heart started pumping and I didnt know why.

"Hello class, my name is Mr. Styles. I will be your new teacher. I have to get used to your names so when I take attendence please stand up." oh shit...i didnt want to stand up, and it was me next.

"Chealse" i stood up and I made eye contact. He smiled and I smiled and than I sat down. I saw Kate turn around and smile at me.

"Ok class, I am going to pass out your tests from yesturday." he walked around and than gave me mine and smiled. It said 100% and see me after class. After our lesson the bell rang and I packed up my stuff and went out to the desk.

"Yes Mr.Styles, you wanted to see me?"
"Yes I do. I noticied you have all A's. I would love it if you can help me after school tomorrow with some paper work?"
"I would love to."
"Ok after school just come to my desk." i smiled than I walked out the door. I headed home did my homework and saw my mom sleeping still. I knew she is tired because she didnt sleep for 2 days, she deserved it. I ate something than I fell asleep.
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