Gotta Be You, Harold Edward Styles.

Chealse is a 18 year old girl that goes to the Holmes Chapel Highschool. Today she finds out her chemistry teacher was fired so a new teacher named Mr. Styles came to town. Will she fall for this teacher? Will she fall for her? What would happen to his career if he falls for her? Everything changes once she meets his friends and they give her support.


11. Pool Boy

Once I reached school I walked to the back where all the seniors at the pool were and founf a chair and sat down. I found Harry sitting by the teacers and he saw me so Harry and I kept eye contact. I started to take the shirt off so i can have the top of the bathing suit showing and I saw him clench the chair with his fists. So he started to take his shirt off revealing his abs. I gave him a grin. So I stood up and took the short shorts off the reveal my bathing suit bottom. He was biting his lips, and i started to walk over to the changing rooms and he followed like a puppy dog. I walked into a changing stall and pulled the curtain closed. I saw him walk in than close the curtain after.

"You know how hard it is to keep a boner from showing in these?"
"Oh really?" we stood there kissing and kissing until I came out the changing room and went onto the diving board and dove down, i came up to the air and shakes the water out of my hair like a wet dog. I came out and saw him go on the diving board. Than jump and once he came out of the pool. The weight of the swimming trunks when they were wet made his v-line show and I blushed. Than I saw Cathy walk up to him and I look down and start to play on my phone not wanting to pay attention.
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