Gotta Be You, Harold Edward Styles.

Chealse is a 18 year old girl that goes to the Holmes Chapel Highschool. Today she finds out her chemistry teacher was fired so a new teacher named Mr. Styles came to town. Will she fall for this teacher? Will she fall for her? What would happen to his career if he falls for her? Everything changes once she meets his friends and they give her support.


21. New Lover

Sexual ;) i hope you guys like the story! I really do :)


After out hug we looked into each others eyes and than I heard footsteps. I knew Niall was in the kitchen but these came from the bedroom. "Harry?" I than saw someone come out of the bedtoom and I stood to my feet to see her..It was Cathy. I turned to my head to face Harry, I than I turned to see her with only a towel wrapped around her. "That was great last night babe, you're a god." my eyes filled with tears and they went down. I ran out the door holding Niall's hand. "Chealse wait!" I ran not caring about anything anymore. I sat in the car and Niall drove away. I felt his hand wipe away my tears. "Listen Chealse, I am so sorry for bringing you here." "It's fine Niall." i wiped away my tears "You didn't do anything" i smiled and than he still looked upset. "Niall." "Yes love." "Here, let's go to Nando's. My treat." "Ok Chealse but I am paying." "Please don't." "My treat Chealse." he drove to Nando's with a wide smile. He was adorable! I mean I do have the right to say that since Harry has Cathy now. I felt my phone vibrate and it was Harry. I didn't want to read the text but I did.

'Chealse! I am so sorry! I really am! I never meant to, i am so sorry!"
I than replied.

'Cathy's breasts are calling you, maybe you should squish your face it them' i than turned off my phone and Niall looked at me. I may have feelings for him, I do like Zayn but he is more a friend. No, a brother. Once we reached to Nando's we both sat down and ordered Peri Peri chicken and ate. "Niall? Is there hot sauce good?" "I wouldn't eat that. It's super spicy!" "I would like to try." "Ok love. Waiter!" he called him over and brought the sauce. "Careful Chealse." "It's fine. Trust me." I poured it over my chilen and we ate. I really loved it! The sauce wasn't thatspicy for me at all. "You're not burning! How is that possible?" "I just really like spicy food!" once we ate I got the idea to watch a movie so we went. Niall wanted to see The Watch so we did. When we entered we watched the movie and in the movie there was a sex group so I covered his eyes and laughed. "Are you peeking mister?" "No..." we laughed and I took the hand off and he covered his on. "Aww! You're a good boy." i hugged him and felt his arms wrap around me. I felt his muscles and they were amazing. After the movie we got out and walked around the shops. I needed some new bra's so we went in Victoria Secret and I got some and went into te changing room. I got a black bra with a skull design, I came out and his eyes opened wide. "What you think?" "I think that needs to be off.." he walked over and pushed me into the changing room and started to kiss ke. His lips were soft and his kiss is passionate. I really did love him. Thank god no one was even in the store and the workers were in the back so if anything happened no one knew. He kissed me and he started to unclip my bra. I kissed him more and started to talk "You know Niall...your amazing." "You dont know how long I wanted to do this, I loved you when I set my eyes on you." i smiled and than felt his lips kissing my jaw line and making me moan. I started to unbuckle his pants to reveal the buldge from his underwear. I felt him take off my bra and than I felt him squeeze my breasts and started to play. He took down my panties revealing everything. I pulled down his boxers and I saw his stiff member. His v-line was amazing. He lifted up my leg and slowly entered making me moan. "N-Niall..." "Shhhh, we dont wanna get caught now do we." he kissed me and started thrusting in and out going faster and faster. He stopped and sat down on the chair and I went over him. I rode his member. Bopping up and down. He always kept eye contact with me. "Chealse. We should stop.. I didn't wear a condom." I leaned over and kissed him. "Ok baby." I stopped got up and he helped me with my clothes and I helped him with his. We got out of the mall and drove home. That's when I got a was Harry.
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