Gotta Be You, Harold Edward Styles.

Chealse is a 18 year old girl that goes to the Holmes Chapel Highschool. Today she finds out her chemistry teacher was fired so a new teacher named Mr. Styles came to town. Will she fall for this teacher? Will she fall for her? What would happen to his career if he falls for her? Everything changes once she meets his friends and they give her support.


12. All The Pain

I turned to see Harry's face all worried and scared. I got worried and he looked at me with a sad face. Our school day was almost over so I got dressed and put on my converse again. After that the bell rang and I walked over to Harry after everyone left.

"Chealse..I have to tell you something." i sat down next to him.
"What is Harry?"
"I have to break up with you..."
"Harry? Tell me this is a joke!"
"Its not, im so sorry....." i stood up and started crying.

"Chealse dont cry..."
"Why! You are my everything and now you're leaving me!"
"Babe, do-"
"No!" after that I saw someone walk by and he was blonde with blue eyes and came with 3 more guys.

"Harry? Whats going on?"
"Niall not now..." i stood there crying. Realizing that those were his friends.

"Lovely are you okay?" the boy had a hair with blonde streaks and he had brown eyes.
"I dont know.." i ran away knowing that the love of my life wont come back to me. What did I do wrong? Did I do something wrong? Did I treat him badly? I didnt know, after a few miles of running I realized the boy with brown hair and blonde streaks followed me.
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