Gotta Be You, Harold Edward Styles.

Chealse is a 18 year old girl that goes to the Holmes Chapel Highschool. Today she finds out her chemistry teacher was fired so a new teacher named Mr. Styles came to town. Will she fall for this teacher? Will she fall for her? What would happen to his career if he falls for her? Everything changes once she meets his friends and they give her support.


3. After School Help

I went to school in the morning wearing a Three Days Grace shirt with some black jeans. I started school and than I had chemistry.

"Ok class, today I will be doing an activity to get to know you. I will close my eyes and everyone will sit in different seats and I will try to guess your name." he got up and turned around so I ran to his chair at the desk and sat down. Everyone was moving around and than he turned around. He looked at me and smilied showing his dimples. He got everyones name right than when it came to me he said "Chealse, right?" he laughed than the bell rang. Today was fun, no work but now I get to help him after school. Everyone packed up and I did to than I put my stuff on the desk and walked up to his desk.

"So Mr. Styles, what did you need help with?"
"I need help with some files, here you go." he gave me a stack of papers and told me to order them by the letter, 5 minutes later I was done and he smiled.

"Are you hungry, Chealse?"
"How about I take you to dinner? My treat for helping me."
"I dont know...."
"Ok fine." he smiled and he led the wayto the car, i got my backpack and I hopped in the car.
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