Same Mistakes

Lizzie is about to move to London because of her father's new job. What will happen when she finds out that she lives a block away from the teen pop band One Direction?


2. The Flight

(Brit's POV)

OH MY GOD!! Lizzie is moving to London. One Direction lives in London!!

"EEEK" I scream causing my mom to come running into my room.

"What's wrong?" she say frantically

"Nothing other than the fact that I don't live in London" I say sadly.

"Well when you have a job and can afford to pay for yourself then you can live there" she says before going back downstairs. Oh my God!! I still can't believe Lizzie might meet One Direction. I wonder if she knows they live there.

(Emmie's POV)

Lizzie just told us that she was moving to London. I really don't know how I feel. I feel a combination of sadness, happiness, excitement, confusement, and jealousy? 'Why do I feel jealous?' I question myself. Hmmmmmm. Maybe its because One Direction live there. I am not a HUGE directioner like Brit and Lizzie but I do like some of their songs and Come On, who wouldn't be the slightest bit jealous that their BFF might meet someone famous.

-1 week later-

(Lizzie's POV)

Emmie, Brit and I hang out as much as possible in the days before I leave, but it still doesn't seem like enough. It seems like I had just told them I was leaving then I was going through security to get on the airplane to London. I had never been on a plane before so it was kinda scary going through security and waiting in the terminal for the first time ever. Once we actually boarded the plane I started freaking out. What if, what if, what if. Was the only thing going through my mind. "Please fasten your seat belts and turn your attention to the television screens." an automated voice from over head says making me jump a little. I turn my attention to the screen and all these flight attendants and engineer people start talking about safety and location of things. Then we take off. It's really scary at first and it's really bumpy but once you get into the air it's just loud. "This is you captain speaking, you may now unbuckle you seat belts and are free to move around the cabin." I unbuckle my seat belt and start to read up on London but I eventually fall asleep.

-four hours later-

I awake to my mom shaking me.

"Lizzie wake up we're gonna land soon."

"Okay. Wait how long did I sleep?"

"About four hours, or most of the flight."

"Wow."  In fifteen minutes we started our decent into London and I started freaking out again. "This is you captain speaking, we will be landing in five minutes please return your seat backs and tray tables to their upright positions and stow your foot rests. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your flight." I do as the captain says and soon I feel the plane start it's descent. The landing is smooth but slowing down from 300 miles per hour is a little freaky I must admit.

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