Same Mistakes

Lizzie is about to move to London because of her father's new job. What will happen when she finds out that she lives a block away from the teen pop band One Direction?


1. Saying Goodbye

(Lizzie's POV) School starts in two weeks and I am so nervous. Why you might ask? Because my father just got a job offer in FREAKING LONDON!! Now I  have to leave my friends to go to some school in London where I will be the random new kid with the American accent. Sure I am happy to finally get to go to England but I am also really upset because I have to leave my best friends, Brit and Emmie. We all met in middle school and have been best friends ever since. I haven't even told them that I have to leave and probably won't come back for a good 3 years. I guess I should probably text them.


Me: Hey guys 

Brit: Vas happenin'

Emmie: Hey

Me: Nothing much but I have something I need to tell you guys

Emmie: Not much

Brit: What?

Emmie: What is it?

Me: I'm leaving on Friday

Brit: WAT?! Where?

Emmie: Where are you going? On a trip?

Me: No. I'm.....

Brit: spill it!

Me: I'm moving to London

Brit: WHAT? Why?

Emmie: Wow....why do you have to go there?

Me: Because my father got a new job offer that he couldn't refuse

Brit: Awww I wish you didn't have to go

Emmie: We will all miss you

Me: I will miss you guys too. I have to go pack ttyl

Emmie: C ya

Brit: Bye

(Brit's POV)

I just sat there staring at my iPod shocked.  My best friend just told me she was moving to London. I feel really happy for her and also somewhat jealous. I don't really know why I feel jea..... OH MY GOD!!! Now she is REALLY lucky to move to London. Why didn't I realize it before?

(A/N) This is my first time writing a story so don't hate. What did Brit realize? How will Lizzie do in her new school? Keep reading to find out!

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