Same Mistakes

Lizzie is about to move to London because of her father's new job. What will happen when she finds out that she lives a block away from the teen pop band One Direction?


4. Laughter

(Lizzie's POV)

I can't stop laughing! Louis is so funny!

"Wow, then what did Harry do?"

"He ran out into the middle of the street because his brand new bottle of hair gel had fallen through the bottom of the shopping bag and rolled out into the middle of traffic!"

"OMG was he okay?"

"Yeah curly was fine, he just hurt his pride."

"Well that sounds like him!"

"It was so funny though because the next day it was all over the news!" Louis burst out laughing. "We got about a million "Get Well Soon" cards from fans who thought Harry had been hit of run over."

"Wow, I guess they didn't read the entire news article then!"  Now I feel like an idiot.  I was one of those girls who had sent a get well soon card.

"It's really nice that they think of us though, I mean they could have just completely ignored the news story and went on with their lives." Okay I'm feeling better now.


"What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing, it's just that Brit and Emmie are never going to believe this."

"Who are they?"

"My best friends.  They are in America.  I just moved here, well I haven't actually moved in yet.  When you knocked into me I had just gotten off the plane from the US."

"Oh that's cool! I was wondering why you had an American accent but you knew all the British sayings and stuff like that."

"Yeah I kinda wanted to fit in a bit so I spent hours on my laptop studying British phrases so I could understand everybody!"

"Haha sweet! So when are Brit and Emmie coming to London?" He sipped his drink.

"I'm really not sure if they are ever coming here, like to stay."


"Maybe they will visit this summer, but it's really expensive and Emmie's mom would never let her fly all the way over here by herself or even if Brit was with her."

"I'm sure I could help you out with that.  Hey you probably have to get back to your family so lets exchange numbers and I'll text you later okay?" OMG LOUIS TOMLINSON WANTS MY PHONE NUMBER!!!!!!! Calm down.

"Okay sure," I pull out my phone and turn it back on.

"Nice phone," I glance down at it.  It's an iPhone 5 and I had never thought about it until he had mentioned it.

"Oh, um, thanks, I like yours too." He had an iPhone 4, which surprised me since he has like 3 million dollars and could buy about 20 iPhone 5's if he wanted to.

"Thanks," We exchange numbers and go our separate ways.

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