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Tears were falling from my cheeks. I tried to pull myself together, but I just kept sobbing. Harry was on the verge of yelling. “How could you?! All I ever done was be a loyal, kind boyfriend!” He shouted from the drivers set. “I told you, Harry nothing happened! You just came in at the wrong time!” I said crying even harder now.

Join Alex and Harry has they find out their love story. Read on to find out what happens.


7. Zayn Finds That Special Someone

Zayn Finds That Speical Someone

(Alex's point of view)
The door opening cutes me off. It was Harry. My heart drops. "Harry." I whispered "Alex, I'm sorry for leaving, It's just seeing you hurt, hurts me. I'm sorry." Harry startes to cry again. I bursh always a piece of his hair, and smile. "Harry, you are my world. I can't see myself not living without you. Your better than life itself. Please don't ever do that to me again." A smile finally comes onto his beautiful face. "Trust me, leaving you was the hardest thing I could ever do. I'm sure it won't ever happen again. You always know how to make me feel better. Thanks, beautiful." Then, he puts his head in my shoulder. "Harry!" I yelled. A surprised look came onto his face. "What?" He said, trying not to laugh. "Guess, what?" I said, with a huge smile on my face. "Alex, are you hungry?" Zayn blurted out. I looked back towards him. I almost forgot that Zayn was there. Just then my stomach made a weird rumbling sound. We all laughed. "I'm guessing that's a yes?" Zayn said giggling. I made a weird face and then said, "I actually have no idea, but I'm going with your answer." "I'm on it!" Zayn scammed. "Oh and, Harry. Alex gets to leave early." Then he walks out the door. "Way to ruin the surprise." I yell at him, but it was to late he already left.

(Zayn's point of view)

Harry walks into the room. I know this is going to turn into some kind of romantic love story, just by the way Alex looked at him. "Harry." Alex whispters. "Alex, I'm sorry for leaveing, It's just seeing you hurt, hurts me. I'm sorry." Then Harry startes to cry. (What I'm thinking inside my head. *Awww, Harry came back for her. How sweet.*) Alex smiles and say, "Harry you are my world. I can't see myself living without you. You are better the life itself. Please don't ever do that to me again." I get a warm felling inside, when I finally see Harry smile. To be honest it killes me to see Harry in so much pian. He's like my brother and he always will be. "Trust me, leaveing you was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I'm sure it won't happen again. You always know how to make me feel better. Thanks beautiful." Then, they started to cuddle.

"Harry!" Alex yell. She gave me a mini heartattack. "What?" Harry said playfully. I finally decide to say what was on my mind, but then Alex talked again. "Guess what?" This was my chance. "Alex, are you hungry?" I said almost yelling. Her stomach made a rumbling sound. I laughed and said "So, I'm guessing that's a yes?" She made a cute face and said, "I actually have no idea, but I'm going with your answer." "I'm on it!" I yelled. I knew exactly what Alex was going to say, so I said it for her. "Oh and, Harry. Alex gets out early." I ran out as fast as I could to get out.

After that, I headed to were the cafeteria is. I swong open the doors and looked in there with shook on my face. There must have been a million people in there. I went over to where the chicken is. (Fun fact: Zayn's favorite food is Chicken!) I was about to grabbed a tray when BAM! I was on the floor with chicken and soup all over my shirt. "Shit!" I yelled. I looked up to see what idio hit me, but quietly changed my mind when I saw HER face. "OH MY GOD!! I'm so sorry! Can I do anything to help you?" All I could do was stare at this girl. She was so beautiful and she had not one dote of makeup on. "Ummm," I felt so studied about what I just said. "I'm sorry?" She said. "It wasn't you falt, it was mine. I'M SORRY." Then she let down a hand to help me up. I grabbed her hand and I pulled myself up. "I didn't quite catch your name?" I said, trying to find out more about this girl. "Adeline's my name, but you can call me Addy." I smiled even her name was beautiful. I finally understood what Harry ment by, 'You'll know when you met her. Everything will stop and it will just be you two. Your world will be only about her.'

I shock my head and spoke, "I'm Zayn, Zayn Malik." Her eyes winded. She looked like she was going to pass out. "I thought you just looked like, but you really are." She yelled at me. I touched her shoulder and said, "Please don't yell." She pushes my hand off her shoulder and say, "That's not helping. I need to sit down." I pull out a chair for her to sit down on. "So, you really are?" "Yes, I'm Zayn Malik form One Direction." I could see it in her eyes. I slap my hand over her mouth, just in time. "Mmmmmmm!!!!" She yelled into my hand. I dropped my hand a bushed out laughing. "You're on of the cutes fans I've ever ment." I said coming out of the laugh. My smile quickly faded, when I realized what I just said. Her mouth dropped. "What?" I tried to play it off cool, but I couldn't. "You think I'M cute?" She said looking like she was going to die. "It's not everyday you met someone as beautiful as you." I said, now trying to flirt with her. She turns all red and giggles a little, top but then her smile fades when she looks at her watch.

"You don't know how long I've waited for this day, but I really have to go." She says with a very sad look on her face. "Well, maybe I could walk you to where ever you need to go?" I said getting up. "That would be nice." She said smiling again. I hold her hand and talk about each other the whole way. "Well this is my stop." I hug her, but pull away when I reliaze what room we were in front of. "You wouldn't be friends with Alex, would you?" I quickly say, letting go of her hands. "Yeah, we're best friends. Do you know her?" When I see Alex I'm going to kiss her, for having such a beautiful friend. Then I'm going to kill her, for not introducing her to me. "Well yeah. She's dating Harry Styles. He's kind of my best friend." Her mouth dropped. "Alex never told me about Harry in her life." She was think the same thing I was thinking. We were going to kill Alex.

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